How to Maintain Your Soft-top Chrysler Convertible

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How to Maintain Your Soft-top Chrysler Convertible

There is almost nothing as enjoyable as driving with the top down and the wind in your hair. However, soft-top convertibles require more maintenance than standard cars to ensure the soft-top lasts. Most Chrysler convertibles feature a soft-top made from vinyl or canvas. Vinyl tops are made of plastic, so they are waterproof and easier to clean than canvas tops. Since canvas tops are not completely waterproof, they also require a rubber protectant to keep the top in good condition.

There are many different models of Chrysler convertibles that are purchased at Chrysler car dealerships or online using eBay, and most Chrysler convertibles require the same maintenance. Soft-top convertible cleaning products and cleaning accessories such as sponges can also be found on eBay, so properly cleaning your soft-top convertible is easy. By understanding how to maintain your Chrysler soft-top convertible, you can keep your soft-top looking like new for years to come.

Consider Where to Park Your Chrysler Convertible

One of the easiest ways to maintain a soft-top convertible is by parking and storing the car indoors to protect the soft-top from the elements. Heavy snow accumulation on the soft-top can cause damage to the metal frame and rain can cause the soft-top to crack and leak. Aside from just wind, rain, and snow, sunlight also harms the soft-top and can cause it to crack, fade, or become discoloured. To keep the Chrysler soft-top looking like new, it is important to properly maintain the soft-top, and try to avoid parking the vehicle in direct sunlight for long periods of time. If you do not have a garage or somewhere safe to park your convertible, you may want to purchase a car cover. There are many different types of car covers, which may feature elastic, or protection from UV Rays. Although you may not want to put the car cover on every time you park the vehicle, it helps protect the car if it is being stored or not driven for a while.

Seeds are another culprit that may ruin the convertible's top. When parking under a tree, seeds may fall onto the roof of the vehicle. Especially on canvas tops, seeds may nessle in the crevices of canvas, and do not easily fall off. If you put the top down when the seeds are damp, the seeds may germinate and put a hole in the soft-top. Keeping a brush in your car to brush off seeds is the easiest way to ensure that the seeds do not become a problem for your convertible.

Understand How to Properly Clean Your Soft-top Convertible

Proper cleaning and conditioning is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your soft-top convertible stays looking like new. Vinyl and canvas soft-tops must be cleaned differently, so it is important to know what your soft-top is made of before cleaning the top. By knowing when and how to clean your Chrysler soft-top convertible, you can keep your soft-top in good condition.

When to Clean Your Soft-top Chrysler Convertible

Regardless of the fabric of the soft-top, the top should be cleaned once every six months. However, if your car is parked outdoors, cleaning your convertible every three months is recommended. The top does not need to be cleaned every time you wash the car. When you clean the car in between top cleaning, the top can just be rinsed clean with cool water.

How to Clean Your Chrysler Soft-Top Convertible

Knowing what materials go into the soft-top convertible helps the owner better care for it. To keep the top in good condition, it is important to clean it properly. Vinyl or canvas soft-top cleaner is required to properly clean the soft-top, and different types of cleaners can be purchased on eBay or in auto supply stores. When cleaning either type of soft-top, it is important to only wash the soft-top in the shade when the top is at a cool temperature.

How to Clean Vinyl Soft-tops

Vinyl convertible top cleaner, a nylon or other soft brush, and a soft cloth are needed for cleaning a vinyl soft-top. The vinyl cleaner should be spread around the soft-top when the top is completely wet. You can let the cleaner sit on the soft-top for up to 15 minutes, so the cleaner can pull all of the dirt and debris out of the top. After the cleaner has sat on the top, scrub the top in a circular motion with a soft brush or sponge and completely rinse clean. Once the cleaner is completely rinsed off, the soft-top should be wiped dry with a soft cloth.

How to Clean Canvas Soft-tops

Unlike vinyl tops, canvas soft-tops are not completely waterproof, so they require a bit more care. When cleaning a canvas top, you not only need canvas cleaner, you also need a rubber protectant to keep the canvas safe from water damage. The canvas convertible cleaner should be applied to the roof when the top is wet. The cleaner can be concentrated in dirty areas to pull dirt and debris from the top. After the cleaner is applied, scrub the cleaner with a soft brush or sponge in a circular motion and completely rinse off. Apply the rubber protector with a soft cloth and remove any excess product.

How to Clean the Rearview Window

Unlike standard vehicles, not all Chrysler soft-top convertibles feature a glass rearview window. Some models of Chrysler soft-tops feature a vinyl back window. Because vinyl windows are made of plastic owners should take care when cleaning the window. Standard glass or window cleaner since the glass cleaner is too harsh for the vinyl and may cause it to dry out and crack. Once the vinyl cracks, it may leak and need to be replaced. Purchasing vinyl window cleaner to properly clean the windows, is the best way to prevent discolouration. Since vinyl windows scratch easily, it is important to use a very soft cloth when cleaning the window.

How to Replace Your Soft-Top

Without proper care, a soft-top may not have as long of a lifespan as the vehicle itself, and may need to be replaced. A Chrysler dealership or mechanic can repair small holes and cracks. However, to avoid further problems, older tops can be replaced. In case of scratches or discolouration, vinyl windows are easily replaceable. On eBay you can purchase convertible tops and vinyl windows, a more affordable than going directly to the dealer to get the soft-top replaced.

Convertible tops and windows are unique to each make, model, and model year of vehicle, so it is important to purchase a top that fits your unique vehicle. Replacement convertible tops on eBay can be purchased new, used, or refurbished, which makes them affordable on even a tight budget. Even if you do not know how to replace the part yourself, purchasing the replacement part beforehand saves you money on expensive markups from the manufacturer or mechanic.

How to Purchase Things to Maintain Your Soft-top Chrysler Convertible on eBay

From replacement parts to cleaning products, eBay offers everything you need to maintain your soft-top Chrysler convertible. By understanding how to maintain your soft-top Chrysler convertible, you know which products you need to keep your soft-top looking like new. Regardless of what you are looking for, using a keyword search in the keyword search bar is one of the fastest ways to find exactly what you are looking for on eBay. By searching specific terms such as, 'convertible soft-top cleaner' to 'Chrysler convertible replacement vinyl window', you can find what you are looking for in no time. eBay makes it easy to find everything you need for your soft-top Chrysler convertible in one place.

When shopping for more expensive items such as replacement convertible soft-tops, buyers should check the detailed seller ratings on eBay to ensure they are purchasing the product from a trustworthy seller. Avoid purchasing from sellers that have low ratings or that hide their ratings on eBay. Purchasing a product from an eBay Top-rated seller is one way to be sure that the seller is trustworthy, since eBay Top-rated sellers have the highest number of positive ratings and feedback based on previous eBay transactions.


Chrysler convertibles are not only reliable cars; they are stylish and fun to drive. One of the best ways to keep your car looking new is by properly maintaining the soft-top. Because the soft-top is made of vinyl or canvas, it usually does not last as long as the vehicle itself, and requires special care to ensure it stays in a good condition. Even if you have not purchased a Chrysler convertible yet, understanding the different types of soft-tops and the steps to maintaining them may help you decide which type of soft-top to choose. Aside from being able to purchase things to maintain your Chrysler convertible on eBay, eBay has thousands of different convertibles for sale, making it easy to find the best convertible for your needs and lifestyle. Regardless of what you are searching for on eBay, you can easily find what you are looking for from the comfort of your own home.

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