How to Maintain a Digital Camera?

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Although the prices of digital camera keep falling, unless you are prepared to change your camera regularly, you should spend more effort maintaining your camera, making it more lasting.  Digital cameras are sophisticated, easily damaged optical device.  Other than reading the manual on how to use it, you also have to take note of the following points:-
  1. Use solid, easy to use camera case to keep your cameras, memory card and extra batteries etc. Make sure that the case has a suitable protection cover to reduce the possibility of cameras collision.
  2. The lens is one of the most important part in the camera.  Remember to keep it clean, prevent it from getting dirty.  If the lens is dirty of have fingerprints on it, the image quality will be affected. We can use lens paper, cloth or lens brush and other suitable equipment to clean the lens.  But remember not to use hard paper or napkin to clean the lens or risk scratching the surface of the lens.
  3. When not using the camera, remember to cover the lens as a form of protecting the lens.
  4. Do not put your camera in too hot, too cold or too damp places or the precision mechanism in the camera may be damaged.
  5. Be careful not to drop any parts of the camera, including the lens onto hard surfaces as the strong impact may lead to camera being malfunctioned.
  6. When bringing cameras to cold places, remember to keep the camera warm by using cloth to wrap around it.  When bringing the camera from indoor to outdoor for use, the lens or viewfinder may have a layer of water vapour.  Let the water vapour dry slowly or use lens paper and wipe it clean gently.
  7. Before taking out the batteries or memory card, you should switch off the camera.
  8. When not using the camera for a period of time, the batteries should be taken out and store it in a dry and cooling place, like in a box specially for cameras or put it in a dry sealed box.  At the same time, you also need to bring your camera for servicing regularly to make sure that the camera is in a good condition.
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