How to Maintain a Leather Belt

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How to Maintain a Leather Belt

A great leather belt has the potential to transform a boring pair of trousers into something quite stylish. Good looking leather requires a little care to last, and that means cleaning and conditioning the leather from time to time. Additionally, owners who want to keep their belts in top condition should avoid using them inappropriately. Fortunately, it takes very little effort to make sure belts stay strong and aesthetically pleasing.


Choose the Right Size and Alternate Belts

Wearing one leather belt all the time increases the risk of discolouration and cracking. Try to alternate between two or three belts to slow down the deterioration of the leather. When choosing belts, always pay close attention to the size. Women's leather belts correlate with standard UK clothing sizes or waist sizes. Men's leather belts correlate with waist sizes, although they also occasionally come in generic small, medium, and large sizes. Wearing a belt that is too large can cause unsightly cracks in the leather.


Clean a Leather Belt Periodically

Anyone who wears a leather belt frequently should clean it periodically. In most cases, it is possible to do this with a microfibre cloth and a little soapy water. When using soap, it is better to opt for soap flakes over perfumed and coloured soaps. Alternatively, those who prefer to use products designed for leather can use the saddle soap used by horse riders. Use a conservative amount of soap and water and lather it in a circular motion. To remove the soap, use a damp cloth in single swipes. Clean a frequently worn belt every one to two weeks.


Use a Leather Conditioner

It is necessary to condition a leather belt once or twice a year. Leather belts consist of fibres, and they require moisture and nourishment. Most people prefer to use leather conditioners or leather oils. When using leather conditioner, apply a small amount to a dry cloth and rub it on the belt using circular motions. Buff the conditioner off using a separate cloth. Some people prefer to use rubbing alcohol and Vaseline or coconut oil. Apply the rubbing alcohol first to loosen the fibres. When it is dry, apply the oil or Vaseline in circular motions and buff.


Always Dry Leather Belts as Soon as Possible

After washing a leather belt or getting caught in a rainstorm, it is necessary to dry the leather as soon as possible. Leaving a belt damp causes the leather to fragment as it dries. In addition, some forms of leather may emit a foul odour when damp. This is particularly true of many vintage leather belts, and they could become stiff and unwearable. To dry a leather belt, hang it in a warm dry place, such as an airing cupboard.

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