How to Make Cotton Curtains

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How to Make Cotton Curtains

Curtains are not only for blocking the light or for hiding from curious looks, but they also serve as essential details in interior decor. You can make your own beautiful curtains to best express your style and save money. One choice is to use cotton, a natural and breathable material, that comes in many colours and patterns.


Choose and Cut the Fabric

Cotton is a good fabric because you can get it all kinds of colours, designs, and thicknesses. You can use it for both the panel and the lining, opting for a decorative fabric in the front and a simpler one for the lining. First, you need to cut out the pieces for your curtains. Start with measuring around your window to determine how long and wide your curtains need to be. Remember, for a nicer look, it is always better to hang them from far above the window rather than just above. Bear in mind that you have to leave extra centimetres for the top and bottom, so add about 30 centimetres. You will fold the cotton fabric away later.


Create the Bottom Hem

Start with creating a double fold hem at the bottom of the curtains. Turn the fabric to the wrong side, turn it down about 10 centimetres, and iron it. Then, turn another 10 centimetres and iron again. After pressing the hem, pin it in place. Sew close to the edge of the pinned fabric, doing a back stitch at the beginning and end to secure it in place.


Create the Lining

A lining makes the curtains extra thick. Add about six centimetres to the length of the lining in relation to the curtain panels. The width should be 15 centimetres less than the curtain fabric. Double fold the bottom hem just as you did for the curtain panels, but this time by five and five centimetres, then pin and sew. Pin the lining together with the curtain panel, with the right sides together. Lay the bottom edge of the lining a few centimetres away from the edge of the panel. As the lining is narrower than the fabric, you need to pull the fabric to line the sides up properly. Sew the lining to the fabric with a straight stitch on the sides. Turn the curtain inside out and iron it.


Finish the Top Hem

You should have some extra fabric hanging at the top. Double fold it, pin it, and sew it into place. The easiest way to attach the curtain to the rail is by using ring clips instead of sewing an elaborate tunnel to the top hem. The clips attach to the curtain fabric and the rings slide on the curtain rail. This is a great option for sewing novices.

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