How to Make Curly Grosgrain Ribbon?

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Gift Packages & Craft Projects

Curly ribbon is great for gift packages and variety of craft projects. You can even use curled ribbons as hair for a paper doll. To make ribbon curls, you’ll need to use ribbon especially designed for curling.
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Materials & Instructions:

Step 1: To select a length of grosgrain ribbon at least 25cm for curling. You can tie curling ribbon around a gift package and leave extra ribbon on the ends for curling, or you can make the ribbon curls separately and tape them to the package
Step 2: Hold the bottom end of the ribbon with one hand.Open the scissors fully and hold the middle of the scissors with your other hand
Step 3: Place the flat part of the scissors blade against the underside of the ribbon, close to the base. Some curling ribbon is the same on both sides, and some has an underside that is less shiny
Step 4: Press the scissors blade against the curling ribbon and carefully rest the thumb of the hand holding the scissors against the ribbon on the other side of the blade
Step 5: Run the scissors blade up the length of the ribbon in a quick, smooth motion. Try to run the blade all the way up the ribbon in a single jerk of the scissors. The ribbon will curl into ringlets
Step 6: Repeat the curling process for each strand of ribbon. You may want to make a cluster of ribbon curls for a very decorative package or project

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