How to Make Gift Baskets with Your Unwanted Gifts

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How to Make Gift Baskets With Your Unwanted Gifts

Despite the best intentions of loved ones, they sometimes give unwanted presents that just do not suit the recipient. The age old question is what to do with these unwanted gifts. Fortunately, everyone has different tastes, and there is always someone else who would love and appreciate the gift. The next time a suitable occasion comes around, gather some of your unwanted items along with some other goodies and make a beautiful gift basket for someone you love.


Choose the Right Person

The first step is to decide on someone who would really enjoy the gift. It is also important to make sure the person is not aware you are re-gifting the item. Brand new products still in their packages somehow lose their shine if the recipient remembers seeing you open the gift last Christmas. Select someone who was not present when you received the gift.


Select the Perfect Basket

The basket holds the gift items and is the first thing that catches your eye. It is important to choose a basket that is attractive but also large enough to hold everything. If possible, find a basket that is easy to accessorize. For example, it is possible to weave strips of colourful fabric into a wooden basket with a loose weave. This adds colour and makes the basket more personal.


Wrap the Gift Items

Wrapping the gift items individually makes it more fun for the recipient to open the basket. Additionally, many gift baskets include clear or coloured plastic sheets wrapped around the entire basket to protect the contents and give it a professional look. If that idea appeals to you, perform this final wrapping after completing all the other steps. Use fun materials like tulle, lace, or even squares of fabric to make it more unique.


Combine the Right Gifts

Depending on the specific gift, you may want to find similar items to go with it. For example, a lovely teapot is a much better gift surrounded by gourmet teas, sweet treats, and maybe even some vintage tea cups.


Add Some Filler Materials

Rather than just tossing everything into the basket, pad the interior with confetti, fake grass, fabric strips, or even candy. This makes the arrangement look more attractive and complete. Small packages of treats fill holes very nicely, as well.

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