How to Make Money on Ebay without using your money.

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Do you want to know how you can make money on eBay today?

It's a lot easier than you think!

This guide will show you how to make money on eBay by unlocking hidden goldmines in your home.

Do you know what a traditional home clearout sale is?

A traditional home clearout sale typically happens in your front yard, where you put out tables on a particular day when the weather is at its best and arrange all your household items that you no longer need with price tags and put them up for sale. You create flyers and post them all around the neighbourhood to publicise your home clearout sale, and hope to see hordes of people at the sale event. People come by, browse through the items you have put up for sale, pick out what they like, check the price tag, and buy it. At the end of a good day, you end up selling everything and counting your earnings. You’re happy because you met your targets, and you got rid of all those things that you no longer need for cash. And your total monetary investment has been zero.

This is one of the methods I used to make money on eBay described in the book "How to make money on ebay without using any of your own money Dan Gibson" (use Google to find).

Home clearout sale on eBay.

You can do the same on eBay but it will be better than a home clearout sale as it will be a home clearout sale auction. More people will come to your eBay home clearout sale auction and your items will be sold to the highest bidder rather than the thrift shopper that has haggled down the price.

How to set up a home clearout sale on eBay.

Here’s a step by step description of how to set up a “home clearout sale ” on eBay:

Step 1: Gather the items you want to sell from around your house, check your loft, wardrobe, and shed, the more items the better.

Step 2: Choose a date to hold the sale. Currently eBay allows you to list your items for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. The final day of your home clearout sale is by far the most important.Potential buyers will come and browse through your items but may bid in the last moments of the sale. Therefore make sure your listings don’t end on days or at times where people are less likely to be at their computers such as; public holidays and weekends or during rush hour for example.

Step 3: Move all of your home clearout items into one place, such as the garage or a storage area, so you can access them easily.

Step 4: Determine your final price for everything and take a photograph of each item. You’ll use the photos later when you post the items on eBay.

Step 5: Do a little market research: browse through the item category and look at similar items from other eBay sellers. Compare it with your product and see if your product justifies the price that you are asking. Lower or raise your item’s price appropriately. This step will also help you judge how the market is doing in this category. For example, if there are a lot of similar items in this category, then there will be tough competition for your product and you might have to lower your item’s price further. In some cases, you might even have to sell your item at a price lower than its original purchase price, but this should not bother you, after all these items have been gathering dust in the loft for ages.

Step 6: Write a brief but complete description of the product. For example, if it is an electronic item, be sure to include all the relevant technical specifications and dimensions for it. Put in your description everything you can that relates to the item. Include the photo you took in your description, remember buyers can’t physically feel or see the product, they are relying on your, photos and descriptive words to help them decide whether they are to purchase your item or not. It is always a good idea to be honest in your descriptions too, for example if your item has a little scratch or is damaged, mention it, (honesty is the best policy).

For example, you can say “it has a superficial scratch on the left hand side, but this does not by any means affect the performance of the item.”

Another thing you can add to improve your chances is an offer to answer any questions that potential buyers may have. I have done this many times in the past with a huge success rate. There is also an option to publish your questions and answers for other customers to read.

Step 7: Post each and every item in the appropriate eBay category, along with the photo, description and the starting bid.

Step 8: Look around on the Internet for some user reviews and ratings for the item you are selling. You’ll find plenty of ratings and reviews on the Internet for almost all the items that you are selling, simply type “review for x product” (replacing the x for the product name of your item) into a search engine of your choice.

Copy and paste the user review and/or rating and add that to your product description on eBay. Adding a review or rating to your product most definitely increases your chances of selling it.

Step 9: Once you have placed all your items for sale in the appropriate eBay category, with the right prices, pictures and descriptions, take a quick glance at all of them to make sure everything is in place and that everything looks attractive to a prospective buyer. If it doesn’t, go back and start over from step 1. If everything is okay, you’re good to go.

Step 10: Sit back and relax and let buyers visit your eBay home clearout sale. Be sure to keep an eye on your email in case you have received questions from prospective buyers. I suggest that you answer questions as quickly as possible, to engage your buyer in dialogue. When a buyer is interested in your item and proposes to buy it, an eBay notification will be sent to your email address and you can move forward and complete the transaction.

Step 11: At the end of the sale, see what you’ve sold and count your earnings. If you didn’t make as much money as you expected, don’t be discouraged. As your eBay selling experience increases so will your earnings. So if you’re not able to sell all your items the first time round, re-list them. Don’t take your items off the eBay shelf. There is still a chance that you’ll find a buyer the next time round. Put aside some of your profit to re-invest into other eBay money making ventures.

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