How to Make Ribbon Topiary Centerpieces?

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Ribbon Topiaries are absolutely suit for kids parties.

They are colorful, may be dressed up and customized to fit any kids' party theme and have become quite the conversation pieces at the last couple birthdays coordinated
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Materials & Instructions:

Step 1: Terra cotta pot, Large styrofoam ball, Wooden dowel, Printed ribbons, Floral foam, Scissors, Dressmakers pins, Pins
Step 2: To spray paint the pot and allow it to dry. Add a dab of hot glue to one end of the wooden dowel and insert it into the styrofoam ball about 1 inch
Step 3: Add a dab of hot glue to the opposite end of the wooden dowel and insert it into the floral foam. Once your pot is dried insert the floral foam into the pot.  This will allow your topiary to stand on a flat surface making it a little easier to decorate. Cut cut cut that ribbon!  I cut all my ribbon in 3 inch strips and also cut multiple spools at once to save time. Make a loop with the ribbon.  Where the ends meet insert a pin then push the pin completely into the styrofoam bal. Repeat until the entire ball is covered
Step 4: Once the ball is covered you can add gumballs, tissue paper, rocks etc. whatever coordinates with your theme and that will cover up the floral foam in the base

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