How to Make Your Hair Thicker - Simple Yet Powerful

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Making your hair thicker is not a hard as it looks if you are dedicated to getting more and thicker hair; it all comes down to what your life patterns are, and to change them to the right direction to help hair growth and regrowth of any lost hair (yes this is possible even if you are over 50, contrary to what doctors say, they can only tell you statistics). 

The problem with statistics is that they can be greatly flawed - it's like saying, less people die after the age of 100 - statistically this is correct, but we all know there aren't that many 100+ people around, and this is where statistics can trick the mind. 

Anyway - how do you make your hair thicker? 

1. Use the Taoist Handmade Soap for the Scalp and Hair (buy from This is a soap bar that is designed for the hair and scalp as treatment as well as a preventative tool. So even if you don't have hair thinning, but just want thicker hair, you can use and it will help you towards reaching your goals. 

This is the only hair product that is natural, and proven by reviews by users and studies done at universities to help grow thicker hair and regrow lost hair - not only that, but stop hair from falling even more. 

2. That said, you cannot only rely on one tool to help you get thicker hair, so it is important to have a few things in your pocket that you are dealing with - this point covers your diet. 

Clean your diet from sugars - this is very important because sugars feed inflammation and this is what causes hair loss in the first place - even if your hair loss is hormonal, it is the hormones which then cause inflammation which then cause hair loss - but if there is less or no sugar in the diet, inflammation cannot really reach its damaging levels as it normally would. 

3. This brings us to point 3, to do exercise which is intense for at least 5-10 minutes a day. This is not for weight loss, but to get your body pushing blood to the extreme ends of your body, skin and hair follicles. This not only removes toxins which also cause inflammation and slows hair growth, but also speeds up hair development which in turn makes hair faster (to an extent) as well as thicker!

4. Last but not least, this is often talked about everywhere but it is vital to understand the importance of having this in your daily routine... Scalp massage! 

Scalp massage has been used for hundreds of years to push toxins out of the body and help it detox. Scalp massage itself will unclog blocked vessels which are preventing hair follicles to get enough blood circulation - not only that, daily massage increases the circulation above normal levels which then increases speed of hair growth - this really is self explaining if you understand the way the body works - it always supplies more blood to the part that needs to work more. 

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