How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last

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How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last

Laptops are wonderful because users can take them almost anywhere, but a laptop is only as good as its battery. Unfortunately, laptop batteries start to lose their ability to hold the best charge after a couple of years. Whether a battery is brand new or several years old, an owner can learn how to get more life from a laptop battery.


Do Not Let a Lithium Ion Battery Completely Discharge

Lithium ion batteries are popular in laptops because of their ability to maintain a charge for longer periods. However, many people use their laptops until the batteries completely discharge. New battery models do not have the types of memory defects found in older batteries, and letting the battery fully discharge is actually harmful. Turn off the laptop or plug it in for recharging before the battery completely dies.


Clean the Laptop

Believe it or not, a dirty laptop fan and clogged vents cause the laptop to run inefficiently, and that damages the computer and forces the laptop to use more power from the battery. Along the same line, it is important to keep a computer cool. Do not set the computer on a pillow or anything else that prevents air flow. If possible, purchase a laptop desk with a built-in fan to cool the laptop.


Unplug External Devices

Everything plugged into the laptop draws power. It is a bad habit of many users to plug in accessories and then leave them plugged in when not in use. This includes leaving a CD or DVD in the laptop's drive because the program is running as long as the disc is in the drive. To conserve power, remove everything from the laptop that is unnecessary.


Upgrade the Laptop's RAM

Laptops come with varying amounts of RAM. The more RAM a laptop has, the faster it opens and closes software, browsers, photos, and everything else. Faster operation means users complete tasks quickly, and that leads to less time using the laptop and its power source.


Take Care of the Battery

Whether the battery is an Acer, HP, Toshiba, or Dell product, it still requires diligent care. Do not leave a laptop outside in the heat or the cold. Extreme temperatures cause batteries to discharge more quickly and damage the long-term longevity of the batteries. When not in use, store laptops in safe places not exposed to radical temperature changes or other potential hazards, such as liquids.

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