How to Make a Bed with Fitted Sheets

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How to Make a Bed with Fitted Sheets

Whether climbing under the covers on a chilly winter night in Newcastle or a breezy summer one in Portsmouth, a well-made bed is always more inviting than a mattress beneath a heap of fabric. Making a bed can be a chore, but it goes much easier with a fitted sheet. This kind of sheet features elastic to help it fit snugly over a mattress so that it will not come loose during the night. It is very easy to make a bed with a fitted sheet because it does not require any folding and tucking like a flat sheet does. This guide describes how to make a bed with fitted sheets, listing the materials necessary for making a bed and describing the process of using each of these materials to make the bed look inviting. Following the instructions in this guide, readers will not only impress guests with their tidiness, but they will also help themselves sleep a bit tighter at night.

Gather the Materials

The table below lists and describes the materials that are necessary to make a bed. Be sure to collect these materials folded neatly before setting about making the bed.



Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet goes over the mattress. It has two long sides and two short sides and either the four corners or the entire perimeter have elastic. This gives the sheet a secure fit over the mattress.

Flat Sheet

A flat sheet is a rectangular piece of cloth. In a bed made with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet goes between the fitted sheet and the blanket. A person sleeps between the fitted sheet and the flat sheet.

Blanket, Comforter, or Quilt

Blankets, comforters, and quilts are all layers for comfort and warmth. Only one of these is usually necessary for a bed, with blankets tucking in and comforters and quilts lying flat.


A pillow supports a head. Single beds usually have one or two pillows while larger beds have two or more pillows. Some people prefer to sleep with one pillow, while others prefer two.


Pillowcases are sheets for the pillows. Pillows are stuffed, so they are not meant to go in a washing machine. Pillowcases are washable and they help maintain the cleanliness of pillows.


A bedspread is a decorative layer for a bed. People generally keep the bedspread on during the day and remove it at night when it is time to go to sleep.

It is important to make sure that sheets, blankets, and comforters fit the bed. Fitted sheets come in different sizes to be compatible with single,, small double, double,, king, and super king mattresses. Buying the right size fitted sheet will ensure a snug fit around the mattress. Some people also use a duvet instead of blanket, comforter, or quilt. A duvet is insulated and has a washable cover on it, obviating the need for a flat sheet between it and the sleeper.

Steps to Making a Bed with a Fitted Sheet

This section describes the steps to making a bed with a fitted sheet. It includes guidance as to how to place the fitted sheet, how to position and tuck the top sheet and blanket, and how to place the bedspread and pillows.

Place the Fitted Sheet

Start by laying the fitted sheet on the mattress so that the short sides of the fitted sheet line up with short sides of the mattress and the long sides with one another. Next, place the top corners of the fitted sheet around the top corners of the mattress. Then, pull the bottom of the fitted sheet towards the bottom of the mattress and fit the bottom corners of the sheet around the bottom corners of the mattress. The fitted sheet should now be secure around the mattress so that it will not slide off when sleepers move around at night.

Position and Tuck the Top Sheet and Blanket

Once the fitted sheet is around the mattress, it is time to position and tuck the top sheet and blanket. Below is a description of each of these steps.


Start by laying the flat sheet over the mattress. The sheet may have a top side and a bottom side. If it does, the bottom side will likely bear a tag on it. Lay the sheet so that the short sides of it line up with the short sides of the mattress and the horizontal seam is closer to the head of the bed. The top side of the flat sheet should line up evenly with the top side of the mattress and equal lengths of sheet should hang from the mattress’ long side. Next, lay the blanket over the sheet, leaving 6-12 inches of space between the top edge of the blanket and the top edge of the sheet. Lastly, fold the top of the sheet back over the top edge of the blanket. If there is a comforter or quilt instead of the blanket, tuck in the sheet first and then place the comforter or quilt on top of it.


Whether using a flat sheet and a blanket or just a flat sheet, the tucking method is the same. Take the sheet and blanket along the bottom edge and fold them underneath the mattress so that they lie flat between the mattress and the box spring beneath it. Next, take the sides of the sheet and blanket and crease them near where they meet the bottom corners of the mattress so that the sheet and blanket line up at 90 degrees with the corners. Then, tuck the sheet and blanket underneath the mattress along the mattress’ long sides. The flat sheet and blanket should now be tightly tucked beneath the mattress.

Place the Bedspread and Pillows

Now that the sheet and blanket are tightly tucked, it is time to place the bedspread and pillows on the bed. Start by laying the bedspread evenly across the mattress. The top end of the bedspread should come up to the top edge of the mattress. Depending on the type of bed frame, the bottom end of the bedspread can hang off of the bed or tuck between the mattress and the footboard. Tucking in the bedspread will require an extra effort to untuck it in order to remove it at night, so this is not recommended.

After the bedspread is laid out, put the pillows inside their pillowcases and place them at the head of the bed. Some people prefer to lay the pillows out flat, while others prefer to prop them up against the bed’s headboard. This is just personal preference. Either the way, the bed is now neatly made and should make climbing into it that much more comfortable.

How to Buy Fitted Sheets on eBay

It is possible to buy fitted sheets from a variety of sources, including local and online shops that sell home goods. There are some online shops that specialise in bedding and these generally offer the largest selections of fitted sheets. eBay is one online source that offers a wide variety of fitted sheets. You can find fitted sheets there by going to the site’s home page, entering the search term "fitted sheets&" into the search bar, and clicking Search. This will list all of the fitted sheets for sale on eBay, and the list will be long. It may be time consuming to browse the listings, so you can instead use a more descriptive search term, such as "fitted sheets king red cotton&", to narrow the listings to your preferences, in this case red fitted cotton sheets for a king-sized mattress.

You can also choose to buy your fitted sheets as part of a set that includes any combination of flat sheet, pillowcases, a duvet cover, and a bed skirt. Buying a fitted sheet in a bundle will help you ensure that your bedding matches. Furthermore, you can specify a distance range from your postcode that sellers should be within. This can help reduce shipping costs and time.


Many people consider making the bed to be an unnecessary chore. The thinking goes that they will just make a mess of it at night, so there is no point in spending time to make it look neat in the morning. Making a bed with a fitted sheet over the mattress helps keep the bed in good condition overnight. It is also much less of a chore than making a bed with another flat sheet there. Fitted sheets are easy to put over mattresses and their elastic keeps them in place throughout the night. The process of making a bed with a fitted sheet and the rest of the bedding materials as well is not difficult, and allows anyone to make a bed so that the bedding does not become overly disheveled during the night. Buying a fitted sheet is the first step to having a bed that one looks forward to climbing into at night and it is easy to find the right fitted sheet on eBay.

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