How to Make a Charm Bracelet

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How to Make a Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are a fun and creative way for consumers to express themselves through their jewellery. Every charm bracelet is different, and every bracelet is customised to fit the wearer's personality, hobbies, and interests. There are two distinct and common types of charm bracelets, and both are simple to create, even for buyers who are novices when it comes to jewellery making.

Purchasing charms and bracelets to create customised charm bracelets is easy and affordable, depending on the material that the charms are made out of. The great thing about charm bracelets is that they can be switched up to create different looks; charms are easy to add and remove to further personalise the bracelets. Most charm bracelets are made to accommodate many charms, and adding charms simply adds more style and fun to the bracelets.

Buyers can find an array of charms and charm bracelet making supplies on eBay. Consumers can select charms based on the types of bracelets they want to make, what their interests are, and how much they want to spend on various types of charms to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery.

Bracelet with Dangling Charms

One of the most popular types of charm bracelets is a bracelet comprised of links which charms dangle from to create a jingling sound. A bracelet with dangling charms offers a lot of options for customisation because charms can easily be added to the bracelet.

Select a Chain

The first step in creating a dangling charm bracelet is to pick out the bracelet. Most charm bracelets are made of either silver or gold, and the links of the bracelets vary in size. Charm bracelet clasps are either standard lobster clasps or toggle clasps. Some charm bracelets have shaped clasps, such as heart toggle clasps.

A buyer can select a chain bracelet according to personal style and how large she would like the links of the bracelet to be. The actual size of the bracelet matters too, so the buyer should ensure to select a bracelet that fits the wrist perfectly and not be too large or too small. The consumer can measure his or her wrist with a soft tape measure, and then compare the measurements to the chain they are looking to buy.

Select the Charms

Now it is time to select the charms to customise the bracelet. Charms that match the bracelet look best; so for a consumer who picks a silver bracelet, silver charms are likely to look best on that bracelet. Charms come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Some have enamel or crystal accents, and some are made to look like animals, hearts, angel wings, or they are in the shape of letters. There are charms for every hobby and every interest, including charms shaped like stars, musical instruments, pom poms, baby feet, horseshoes, and high heels.

A consumer has many options when it comes to charms. As long as the charms have loops for jump rings located on them, the charms can be affixed to a charm bracelet with links.

Create the Charm Bracelet

The best way to put the charms on the bracelet is to unclasp the bracelet and lie it flat. A buyer should experiment with the charms by placing them on the links and determining where each charm should go. If a consumer is putting a lot of charms on a charm bracelet, it might be a good option to simply skip a link in between charms. For a consumer who only wants a small number of charms, she may want to have the same number of links between each charm.

Once the buyer has decided where all the charms should be placed, the buyer needs a pair of small pliers and some jumprings. A jumpring should be opened with the pliers and slid onto the loop on the actual charm, then placed on the link where the buyer wants the charm to go. The jumpring can then be closed with the pliers so the charm does not fall off. The consumer should continue to affix the other charms to the bracelet until the bracelet is complete.

Beaded/Slide Charm Bracelet

The other type of charm bracelet that is quite trendy is called a slide charm bracelet, or a European charm bracelet. This is simply a slender, rope style bracelet made of a snake chain that charms and beads with holes in the centre easily slide onto, which creates a personalised charm bracelet.

Choose the Bracelet

The buyer can select a European bracelet made of several different materials, such as silver, gold, or even leather. These types of bracelets often have lobster clasps, toggle clasps, or barrel clasps. They come in different sizes in terms of the chains' thickness, and in different sizes. There are even bangle style bracelets which slip over the wrist and have an opening that charms slide onto.

Choose the Charms

Charms for a European charm bracelet have holes in the centre, and no external hoops or rings. When choosing charms for a European or slide style charm bracelet, the buyer should be aware of the hole size and the size of the bracelet to ensure that the two match, and that charms fit easily onto the bracelet.

Charms vary widely for these types of bracelets, and are made of silver, gold, crystal, glass, or ceramic. They offer different designs etched or painted onto them, and smaller beads, called spacers, can be used to go in between larger beads to create a polished look. When creating a European bracelet, it is more stylish to have a unified theme to the bracelet, such as a certain colour scheme or a specific theme to the charms. Charms are easily added and removed, so any design is not permanent.

Create the European Charm Bracelet

To make a European charm bracelet, no tools are needed. Simply unclasp the bracelet and slide the charms on. For a buyer creating a specific design to the bracelet, it is best to lie out the charms beforehand and create the design before stringing them onto the bracelet. The bracelet can have as many or as few charms as the consumer desires. More charms can always be added later.

A bracelet full of small beads and charms is eye catching, but a consumer can also select one large, dangling charm as the focal point and add a few smaller charms around that charm to create an elegant bracelet. Kids enjoy the look of colourful beads on a bright leather bracelet.

Supplies Needed to Make a Charm Bracelet

Creating a charm bracelet is easy and fun. It is also less costly than purchasing a pre-made charm bracelet from a retailer, and the buyer gets to create a bracelet she desires with the charms, colours, and beads or additions that she enjoys wearing the most.

Dangling Charm Bracelet

European Charm Bracelet

Bracelet with links; silver, gold, or gold/silver plated

Snake style chain bracelet; gold, silver, leather, or bangle style

Charms of any type that have loops

Charms and beads that have a hole in the centre; ensure the charms fit on the bracelet by matching the measurement of the bracelet to the hole opening on the charms

Jumprings that match the metal of the bracelet itself

Slider beads or charms to go in between the larger beads and charms to create a design

Needle nose pliers; small ones can be purchased specifically for jewellery making to open jumprings and clasps

Clasps if needed, though many bracelets already come with the necessary clasps; they can be switched out

Even for a consumer who is not an experts at making jewellery, a charm bracelet is a good place to start for a buyer who would like to get into jewellery making, but is not sure how to approach it. Since it is a fairly easy piece of jewellery to create, it is a good starter piece, and also fun for young people to make, too.

How to Buy Charm Bracelet Supplies on eBay

If you want to create your own unique charm bracelet, head over to eBay to stock up on charm bracelets, charms, jumprings, and any other items you need to make the bracelets of your dreams, without spending a fortune. Use eBay's easy search bar to key in the terms of your search, such as "charm bracelet" to find a base bracelet, or "charms" to see what types of charms are available to put on the bracelet. Narrow the search for charms by selecting the colour or metal you would like to see, such as silver charms or red charms.

Charms can also be selected by size. If you have questions about the charms or beads before your purchase or about the size of the chain on a European charm bracelet, click "Ask a Question" to discuss your purchase with the seller before completing the transaction. Make sure you have all the necessary tools to create a charm bracelet, such as pliers and jumprings for a charm bracelet with links. Read the sellers' listings carefully and compare charms and bracelets by prices, condition, and quality, and for best results, buy charms and charm bracelets from Top-rated sellers on eBay.


A charm bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is completely unique, since the buyer literally makes her own bracelet which reflects her style, taste, and interests. Charm bracelets also make good gifts, because the wearers can choose charms that they are interested in to make personalised pieces of jewellery. A charm bracelet can also be a type of scrapbook which chronicles life events, such as an important birthday, the birth of children, a destination visited, or a favourite hobby. Charm bracelets go with every outfit, from jeans to an elegant dress, and the jingling sound of the bracelets can add life to any look.

For the buyer who is interested in a versatile piece of jewellery that can easily be changed to complement a variety of looks, a charm bracelet is the perfect solution. A fun idea for a charm bracelet is to create a themed look, such as a bracelet that only depicts hearts of various shapes, or a bracelet for a new mom that offers baby themed charms. There are many ways to create a one-of-a-kind charm bracelet, which makes it a near perfect piece of jewellery to own and fun to create too.

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