How to Make a Dog Jumper at Home

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How to Make a Dog Jumper at Home

When the weather is cold, the rain is pounding down, or the snow is piling up, your dog may feel a bit chilly. A great way to add a little warmth is to knit, recycle, or machine sew a dog jumper for use around the house or to protect your dog from the cold while outside. Your dog can be cosy and secure in a homemade jumper or dog outfit.


Making a Knit or Crochet a Dog Jumper

There are many patterns available for dog jumpers, many of which are free. Once you have picked out a pattern that fits the size of your dog, you need to find the right gauge of yarn for the pattern. The yarn gauge for a knitted dog jumper for very cold climates should be quite thick. For milder temperatures, you could use a middle gauge, and for those days when there is just a bit of a cool wind, a light gauge that is not overly warm is a good idea for protection from the wind. To knit or crochet a heavy weight jumper, you need a set of number 12 or number 13 needles, one skein of thick yarn, and a large eyed needle to sew pieces together, if your pattern is in more than one piece. For a two-piece pattern, knit the tummy side first, then the back. Once you finish the pieces, use the needle and a bit of yarn to sew the two pieces together.


Making a Recycled Dog Jumper

Consider turning an old jumper you no longer wear into stylish dog clothes. Small to medium sized dogs can get two jumpers and a few dog accessories from one average sized human jumper. Cut out the sleeves of an old jumper at the arm seam or a little below. Measure your dog from the neck to the front of the shoulder and mark a place on the sleeve where legs holes should go. Remember the cuff of the jumper is the neck hole for the dog. Cut the holes out carefully. You can always make them bigger, but once you cut them, only sewing to mend can make the holes smaller. Slip the new jumper over her head, and just that easy, your dog is warm and cosy.


Sewing a Dog Jumper

There are so many patterns available to sew dog jumpers, dog toys, and even fancy dress outfits. You can sew a dog jumper from fleece or any number of other warm fabrics. All you need is a sewing machine, fabric, matching thread, and a pattern. Be sure to measure your dog carefully for his jumper and finish the seams properly so the jumper is comfortable. Keeping the material comfortable is important, unless it is for a dog wedding outfit, then a little structure is a good idea.

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