How to Make a Feather Boa

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How to Make a Feather Boa

A feather boa can add a touch of fun and class to an outfit, especially evening wear. Whether you wear it for a ball or fancy dress party, consider creating your own feather boa for a more unique look. With a few simple supplies, you can create a fantastic addition to your outfit right at home.


Taking Measurements for the Feather Boa

It is all too easy to make a feather boa that is too short or too long for your needs. The first step to this craft project is deciding on an appropriate length and measuring for it. Ideally, feather boas should be a little longer than the distance between your outstretched arms. This gives you plenty of length to wrap around the shoulder and a little extra length for playful flourishes. To get an accurate measurement, stand straight, with both arms extended at your sides. Have a friend measure the distance from fingertip to fingertip with a tape measure.


Supplies for the Feather Boa

Three essential supplies are needed for creating a feather boa: feathers, one tube of reinforced braiding in any size, and three to six strips of braided cord. Other supplies for this project include thread, pins, hot glue gun, and a sewing machine. However, it is possible to complete this project with hand sewing or just hot glue. Get the braided cord and reinforced braiding in the same length as your arm measurement. You may use any number of feathers for this project, but the more feathers, the bigger and fluffier the boa. Consider getting different colours and sizes of feathers to create a unique pattern. There are a variety of bird's feathers available, including ostrich, turkey, rooster, goose, pheasant, and duck feathers.


Constructing the Feather Boa

Start by organising and examining the feathers. This is the time to decide on a pattern or colour arrangement. Generally sort the feathers by size, sewing those that are similar in size onto the same braided cord. Either sew or glue these feathers to each strip of braided cord, covering it from end to end. Once the cord is completed, sew or glue each one to the reinforced braiding, working around the outside of the braiding until it is completely covered in feathers. You may layer or slightly overlap the feathered cording on the braiding to create a fuller, fluffier feather boa. If using glue, allow it to completely cool before wearing the feather boa.

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