How to Make a Homemade Christening Cake

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How to Make a Homemade Christening Cake

The christening, or baptism, of a loved one is a momentous occasion. To help celebrate this event, a reception featuring cake generally follows the purification. Homemade christening cakes are usually white and feature the name of the christened candidate. Christening cake decorations may also be incorporated into the cake design.



It is important to have cake decorating equipment and a few key ingredients on hand when baking a homemade christening cake. In addition to the cake mix, you likely need eggs, oil, water, and frosting. Decorative tips and pastry bags may also prove helpful from a design standpoint. Be sure to invest in an appropriately sized and shaped cake tin.


Baking the Christening Cake

Christening cakes are typically white in colour to signify newfound purity. Thus, consider using a white cake mix. Conversely, make the cake from scratch using a favourite recipe. Once you have combined and mixed all ingredients, pour them into the tin. Round, square, and rectangular tins prove popular; however, a cross-shaped tin further symbolises the christening. After baking and allowing it to cool, place it on a decorative or aluminium foil-lined cake board.


Decorating the Christening Cake

Using a spatula to smooth the surface, ice the cake with a layer of white frosting. From this point, decorate to your liking. Consider using one large or several small edible cake decoration crosses. You can also make a cross with piped frosting; simply fill a piping bag with white or pastel-coloured frosting and use a large piping nozzle for application purposes. Next, with a medium nozzle, create decorative beads of piped frosting along the cake edges, corners, and other desired locations.


Adding Text and Images

To create text, attach a small tip to the icing bag. Write the name of the christening candidate as well as a religious phrase, such as "God's Blessings", "Baptised in Christ", "Child of God", or "Bless this Child". Alternatively, opt for an appropriate Bible verse. Generally speaking, simple sheet cakes allow more room for detail, as longer phrases may be difficult to incorporate into religious-shaped christening cakes. If making a sheet cake, consider adding a picture as an element of further personalisation. Simply print a mirror image of the image you want, trace the design onto parchment paper with black icing gel or a food pen, and then turn the parchment paper over onto the cake. Finish off with ribbons and cake toppers.

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