How to Make the Most of Multifunction Printers

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How to Make the Most of Multifunction Printers

Gone are the days when consumers had to spend hundreds of dollars on fax machines, copiers, scanners, and printers. Now, with the advent of multifunction printers, also called all-in-ones, everything consumers need for home or work purposes is in one handy machine. Multifunction printers save time, cut costs, and save buyers the money that they would have spent purchasing and maintaining many separate machines.

They are also simple to use, even for beginners, and loaded with convenient features that make every task simple and quick. Multifunction printers make every consumer's life easier, and there are ways to get even more out of multifunction printers, so they can be used to their fullest capacity. Some consumers do not even know everything their printers are capable of.

A quick sweep of the user's guide before getting started is always a good idea to get a feel for all of the things the multifunction printer can do, but hands-on learning is the best way to dive in and check out all the amazing things a multifunction printer can do.

Use All of the Features It Offers

Most consumers know that their multifunction printers perform basic tasks such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, but most multifunction printers go a step beyond to make the experience even more convenient for users. There is no reason for buyers not to get what they paid for, and use their multifunction printers to their fullest capacity.


ADF, or automatic document feeder, is a relatively new feature that some multifunction printers offer. This is a great option, and for consumers who have to scan, copy, or print many pages of text, all they have to do is insert a stack into the ADF, and it does all the work on its own.

So much time was often wasted feeding one document at a time into the scanner or copier. Now, printers can be purchased that do all the heavy lifting while consumers can switch their attention to something else. This is one way that multifunction printers increase productivity for buyers.


Every user knows the basics of a scanner: It is used to scan photographs or documents easily. But most users do not imagine the limitless possibilities that their scanners offer, and to make the most of them, they should consider eliminating some of the paper in their lives and scanning documents to create paper-free document storage for themselves. This increases space in offices, and reduces clutter. Users can then save their data to disks and have no more need for papers, files, or other documents taking up needed space in their offices or homes.

Copying and Printing

Buyers can get more out of their printers, and save money on ink by changing the copier and printer settings, so when items copy, they print using the most basic settings, as opposed to a heavy-duty setting that uses up more ink. Another great way to be more efficient is to alter the settings to print on each side of the page. This is a planet-friendly way to print and copy, and saves money as well as paper. It is also convenient when users are printing or copying documents that are double-sided.


It seems that faxes have almost gone the way of the dinosaur with the advent of smartphones and other technology that will eventually make faxes obsolete. However, there are still reasons to use fax machines, and users do not have to let their fax machines gather dust. For times when a signature is needed on a document quickly, faxing is still a great choice.

It is safer and faster than sending items through regular mail, and it is an easy way to communicate back and forth with documents, when it comes to work or personal matters. When consumers need to decide between mailing and faxing confidential items, faxing is the most effective choice, and they should be sure to use this feature on their multifunction printers.

Set Up Wireless Printing

Newer multifunctional printers offer even more options than ever before. One of the most convenient options is wireless printing. There are not any more cords or cables, and the printers do not have to be sitting right next to power outlets. Wireless printers can be placed anywhere and work without the use of cords or cables.

Some of these printers even have touch screens that are connected to the computers, so consumers only need the printers for Internet print jobs, and not necessarily the actual computers. Another handy feature that gadget-savvy consumers should definitely invest time in is the mobile printing option. Some multifunction printers can be used in conjunction with an application downloaded onto smartphones or tablet computers, so users can print items from their portable devices on the go.

The application sends documents directly from the phones or tablets to the printers. This is a timesaving and convenient option especially for people who handle documents through email on their phones, or work on their tablets when they are away from their desks. Some all-in-one printers use Bluetooth technology to print wirelessly, which increases versatility for the users.

Customise the Settings

To get the most out of all-in-one printers, users should customise the settings to create a personalised printing experience. This means everything from using lower ink options to print, to ensuring that printing on both sides of pages is something that always occurs by default. Users can also change the settings to print more on each page, so paper is not wasted.

Some printers allow consumers to create shortcuts, such as using the touch screens on the printers instead of printing from the browser. Printers which offer different speeds of printing are convenient for busy users who need to print in a hurry, and the settings can be changed to accommodate various print jobs. For consumers who are considered with living green, some brands offer an eco-friendly print mode that uses the least amount of ink and resources.

Maintain the Multifunction Printer Properly

To ensure that printers remain high functioning for many years, consumers need to maintain them and take care of them to get the most out of them. This includes keeping the printers clean and dust-free, and cleaning the scanner glass, as well as keeping all of the external parts of the printers dust-free. This is simple to do with lint-free cleaning cloths and glass cleaners, but individuals should not apply any cleaner directly to the printers; it is best for users to apply cleaners to the cloths, then the printers.

Users should also check ink levels from time to time and replace ink or toner cartridges when they get low, and align the new cartridges every time by following the directions to do this. Taking care of multifunction printers allow the consumers to get their money's worth from the machines and keep them in good working order.

How to Buy a Multifunction Printer on eBay

If you are looking for a great all-in-one or multifunction printer, head to eBay to find many available choices. Use the home page to navigate to "printers", then you can narrow your selection to all-in-one printers and shop by brand, type of printer, or print speed. Some of the options you see are laser or inkjet printers, and printers by popular, well-known brands such as HP, Epson, Brother, and Canon. If you are not sure which brand is best, compare by the features each printer offers, whether it is wireless or not, how fast it prints pages, and if it is environmentally friendly.

If you are shopping on a budget, you can also select a multifunction printer by price range. Purchase a new or gently used printer from a merchant who is a Top-rated seller, and has excellent feedback from other buyers. You can save a bit of cash if you skip shipping and choose a printer from a local seller, and make arrangements to do a personalised pickup. This is also a good chance to discuss the printer in person and ask any questions you may have about it before bringing it home.


There are so many benefits to purchasing and owning multifunction printers. Not only do they save space, and ultimately money, but many of the new models offer features that make work even easier and printing, copying, and scanning more convenient. Buyers who are afraid they will not know how to work multifunction printers are pleased when they see how simple it is to get the most out of all-in-one printers, and most buyers hesitate to ever own anything different. Multifunction printers that are wireless offer users the convenience of placing the printers anywhere in rooms, and for busy consumers who need several printers, more than one can be connected to the same computer for even faster printing and more options.

Learning how to use the settings on new printers can be frustrating, but most brands these days make streamlined, simple-to-use printers for users of all types, whether they are technologically savvy or barely know how to turn printers on. Touch screens make printing from the Internet a breeze, and mobile printing is efficient for working on the go and not having to be at the office to print an important email or document.

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