How to Make the Most of Your Wine Tasting Short Break

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How to Make the Most of Your Wine Tasting Short Break

Going on a trip, even if it is just for a few days or a weekend, has been shown to improve mood, job performance, and overall well being. But while some people may be content to spend their days off lounging on a beach with nothing to do, others prefer to indulge in culture, food, and drink. For a wine connoisseur, there is no better way to enjoy a short time off than to take a wine tasting short break. Luckily, there are many areas that are easy to get to that have world-class wine tasting. These can be ideal destinations for wine tasting short breaks. No matter which type of short break is being planned, it is easy to find resources and holiday packages from travel agents and also online from eBay. By planning ahead of time and following a few simple tips, such as choosing a desirable location, finding convenient accommodation, and taking time to relax, it is possible to make the most out of your wine tasting holiday, even if it is just a short break.

Choose a Desirable Destination

The first step towards planning the perfect wine tasting short break is to choose a proper destination. There are many different countries and regions that are well known for their wines. However, there are also some areas that are not as popular as others and still offer unique wine tasting experiences. Some of the most highly regarded wine regions in Europe include France, Italy, and Spain. Each country has its own personality in terms of weather, culture, and of course, wine. Of course, there is wine tasting available in other countries as well, but these three are home to the most vibrant wine cultures in the world.


It should come as no surprise that France is one of the most popular countries for wine tasting. After all, it has a long and rich history of winemaking across many different regions. France is also easy to reach from nearly anywhere in Europe, and offers delicious food, as well as beautiful landscapes, as additional draws. Some of the most commonly visited wine tasting regions in France include Bordeaux, Beaujolais, and the Loire Valley. Because these regions are not near each other geographically, for a short break, it is better to choose one region to explore, rather than spend too much time travelling across the country.


Wine and wine tasting are also extremely popular in Italy. In fact, Italy produces more wine than France. Vinters have produced wine in Italy for thousands of years, even before the dawn of Ancient Rome. This impressive history means that Italian wine has its roots in centuries of tradition and technique. It does not hurt that the Italian countryside where many vineyards are located includes some of the most beautiful, lush landscapes in the world. Italy is best known for a few standout varietals, including Sangiovese, which is grown in the Tuscan region, Barolo, from the Piedmont region, and Prosecco, which is Italy's answer to Champagne. While wine is always in season, the late spring or early summer months are ideal for wine tasting in Italy, as is the autumn for the grape harvest.


Although Spain does not produce the largest volume of wine, it does have the largest acreage dedicated to vineyards. Spanish wines are some of the most robust available, and a Spanish wine tasting break is certainly not for the faint hearted. Some of the most popular varietals in Spain include Tempranillo, which comes largely from the Rioja region, and Cava, which is mainly produced in Catalonia. Spain can be a beautiful place to visit year round, but many wineries are not open in the winter months, so choosing a spring or summer date may be a better option.

Consider a Favourite Varietal

One way to truly make the most of a short wine tasting break is to choose a favourite wine varietal and choose a destination based on that. In this way, it is certain that your favourite wines are available in ample quantities. The following table outlines some of the most popular varietals and where they are most commonly found.







Pinot noir



Pinot gris or Pinot grigio






This is only a small sampling of the different types of wine that are available, so be sure to find the varietal that is most appealing to you, and then research its origins. On nearly every wine tasting short break, however, there are those wines that are wonderful and those that are not, so keep that in mind.

Find Convenient Accommodations

In order to fully enjoy a wine tasting short break, it is essential that travellers have a convenient place to stay. As previously mentioned, because a short break does not generally give a lot of time for travel, it is best to choose one area that is near a number of wineries, and stay there. Choose accommodations that are convenient to the most desirable wine tasting venues so that it is not necessary to spend a great deal of time shuttling back and forth between a hotel and the wine tasting events.

Consider Transportation

Although typical wine tasting events do not include huge quantities of wine, travelling from one winery to the next can quickly take a toll on one's sobriety. For this reason, it is a good idea to plan out transportation ahead of time. Some wine tour companies offer transportation between wineries. For those who do not choose to partake of this convenience, and go with a car hire, choose a driver that does not plan on partaking of the tastings to provide safe transportation throughout the break.

Take the Time to Relax

Despite the fact that travelling is supposed to be relaxing, it can be very stressful to be away from home. To take advantage of a short break and not become overwhelmed by the planning and details necessary to travel like flight tickets, train tickets, or luggage, be sure to make time to relax. It can be tempting, particularly on a short trip, to pack every moment with an activity or event, but this can actually make the trip less enjoyable. Be sure that there is ample time for relaxing, enjoying leisurely meals, and otherwise spending time with travel companions.

Make Plans Apart From Wine

Even if the short break planned is meant to focus on wine, in order to make the most of the trip, be sure to include plans that are not entirely centred on wine. Even seasoned wine drinkers can find themselves out of sorts after drinking wine all day. Excess wine can also lead to dehydration and fatigue. Having other plans, even dinners or long walks through the countryside, make for a much more enjoyable and relaxing short break than wall-to-wall wine tasting.

Pack Light

When travelling for a short break, nothing can be more inconvenient and annoying than overpacking. On a wine tasting trip for a few days, not much luggage should be necessary. Packing light enables you to travel more easily, quickly board any planes, and be more spontaneous in general. By not stuffing a suitcase completely full from the outset, there is also more room for any souvenirs that you may acquire over the course of the break, including any bottles of wine that are purchased.

How to Buy a Wine Tasting Short Break on eBay

If you have decided that a wine tasting short break is indeed the perfect holiday for you, consider looking for the perfect package on eBay. In order to find the right wine tasting short break on eBay, enter some carefully chosen keywords into the search bar located on any page of the site. This may simply mean typing in "short break", or your keywords could be something more specific. On the results page, you can use the eBay filters to narrow down your results until you find the perfect wine tasting short break package.

When purchasing a short break on eBay, be sure that any questions you have about the package are answered before proceeding. This is an easy task because eBay allows you to message the seller directly through the eBay interface. Once you are sure that this is the perfect short break for you, complete the transaction comfortably.


While enjoying wine with a meal on occasion is one thing, there are those people who love to learn about, and fully experience, different types of wine as much as they love to pair it with food. For those people who are passionate about wine, going wine tasting is the ultimate holiday. With the wide range of European wine tasting available, there is likely a place that is perfect for nearly any wine lover and his or her chosen travel companions.

To make the most out of a wine tasting holiday, no matter how short the trip, be sure to plan ahead. Select the location, accommodations, and wineries that are most appealing and plan the trip around those areas. Also, be sure to include some events that are not necessarily focused on wine, which can provide much needed recovery time and relaxation. Following these tips when planning for a wine tasting short break can mean the difference between a hectic and stressful weekend and a truly enjoyable, educational, and indulgent trip.

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