How to Match the Neckline of Your Dress with a Flattering Necklace

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How to Match the Neckline of Your Dress with a Flattering Necklace

Accessories often make or break an outfit and should complement what you are wearing. The right necklace can be used to accent the neckline of your dress and round off a look perfectly, drawing attention to your neck, breastbone, or chest in the process. The neckline and necklace should not compete with each other, and it is important to know when not to wear a necklace at all. Similarly, delicate and chunky necklaces have different functions and yield different effects. Some necklaces are more casual than others and should be worn only on casual occasions.

A number of factors should be taken into account when choosing a flattering necklace to match the neckline of your dress. The necklace length, explained in the glossary, lists the names of necklaces of different lengths. A short description of common necklace types follows. Use this information to understand what necklace descriptions mean. Use the tabulated easy reference guide to match your neckline to a necklace. Necklaces are available from jewellery, clothing, and department stores, and online from sources such as eBay.

Glossary of Necklace Lengths

Necklaces come in different lengths and create different accents and styles. The table below lists the lengths and names of the most common necklaces.

Length (cm)

Length (in)


30.5 to 35

12 to 13


35.5 to 42

14 to 16


43 to 50

17 to 19


51 to 63

20 to 24


71 to 86

28 to 34


Over 114

Over 45


Children’s sizes are usually the same length as an adult choker. Before buying a necklace, measure the desired length by looping a measuring tape around the neck and holding the ends together where the necklace should sit. Take into account how different materials fall. For example, wired beads keep their form and do not dangle, while pendants on chains hang in a V shape.

Common Necklace Types

Necklaces can be made from fabric, beads, wood, bone, silver, gold, or other precious metals. They can feature precious and semi-precious stones, polished shells, or synthetic accents. The table below lists and describes a number of common necklace types.

Necklace Type



Available in a range of sizes

Made from a variety of materials

Available in delicate or chunky designs

Usually worn on a chain


Worn by both men and women

Available in a variety of materials, lengths, and styles

Includes twist, ball, box, cable, curb, herringbone, marina, and rope designs

Graduated Strand

Features beads, pearls, or other items that increase in size gradually until reaching the focal point

Single or multiple strands

Multiple Strand

Features more than one strand

Strands arranged in a s ymmetrical fashion, or entwined to create interesting shapes

Available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colours


Features oversized beads in wood, metal, or glass


Big, bold, and funky

Designed to make a statement

Worn to add flair to an outfit


Features special clips that allow the wearer to adjust the length

More versatile than necklaces with set lengths

The necklaces listed in the table above are all available in a range of lengths and designs. A casual look can be accented with costume jewellery, while fine jewellery is more suited to formal occasions.

Your Guide to Matching Necklaces to Necklines

The table below lists common necklines and includes corresponding necklace recommendations and additional comments. Use this as a guide when choosing a flattering necklace to match the neckline of your dress.


Recommended Necklace Type



Necklace that follows the contour of the neckline

Long necklace, such as a long strand of beads, if the neckline is high

Short necklace or choker, if the neckline is low

Easiest to accessorise


Princess necklace with a pendant

Beads that fall just below the V of the neckline

Draw focus to the point of the V from above or below

Avoid a round necklace

Length of the necklace depends on the depth of the V


Single or multiple strands that rest just above the cleavage

Difficult to accessorise

Consider leaving the neck bare and focusing accessories elsewhere


Matinee or longer to balance your look

A statement necklace or keep it simple

Neckline enhances shoulders and collarbone

Carefully accessorise to avoid drawing attention away from enhanced areas


Any necklace length, except those that sit on the neckline or dangling pendants

Pearl or chunky necklaces

Fine chains

Versatile neckline

Consider the fabric of the dress when choosing the necklace

Opera length and longer necklaces draw the eyes away from the neck


Bold, chunky necklace

Long string of beads

Easy to accessorise as it looks good with most necklace types


Choker or shorter

Round necklace

Angular neckline, so avoid angular necklaces


Leave neck unadorned

Neckline makes enough of a statement and a necklace may detract from that.

Add earrings, rings, or bracelets


Pendant and chain

Chunky necklace

Shorter necklaces that lie on the chest tend to look best


Short, dainty necklace

Detail created by neckline may be decorative enough, so go without a necklace


Leave neck unadorned

Neckline’s ruffles, beading, or other embellishments are decorative enough


Collar, choker, or short necklace

Delicate, single strand necklaces

Skin exposed by a sleeveless dress should not be completely covered by jewellery

Delicate necklaces accentuate the neck and collarbones without detracting from the effect of the dress

Choosing jewellery is a fun way to experiment and create a new look for yourself. Use this guide as a starting point and, keeping the information in mind, experiment with the jewellery that you already have to see what looks good to you. Keep an eye on current trends and research some vintage looks. Take note of the styles that you would like to recreate.

Tips on Matching a Necklace to the Neckline of Your Dress

In addition to the above, small details can make a big difference when choosing the right necklace. Accessorise delicate fabrics with delicate necklaces and use chunkier necklaces with thicker fabrics. Round off a sparkly dress with a crystal necklace or diamond solitaire pendant. Match the colour of the necklace to your shoes, belt, or other accessories, or use the necklace to accent a particular colour in the dress. Wear a simple necklace with an elaborately decorated or patterned dress and a more elaborate necklace with a plain dress. Longer necklaces, such as rope necklaces, create a vertical line, elongating the body and making the wearer look slimmer. Remember that the necklace should suit you and your dress. Use accessories to accent your neck, collar bones, shoulders, or breastbone.

Finding Necklaces on eBay

Finding necklaces on eBay is easy. Simply type a keyword or phrase (such as "sapphire pendant necklace") in the search box that can be found on every page to see the available listings. Choose the most appropriate category and the desired features and characteristics to narrow your selection. If you want to further refine your search, use the advanced search feature.

Before You Buy on eBay

Learn all that you can about the seller and the item before you buy on eBay. The information you need can be found on the item listing page and in the seller feedback section.

Check the Item Listing Page

The item listing page contains all the information that you need to buy with confidence. Look here to find information such as bidding and buying details, the item description, the seller’s feedback details, the seller’s accepted payments methods, postage and packaging fees, and the terms and conditions of the seller’s return policy. If you have any questions about a listing, contact the seller via the "Ask a question" link.

Check the Seller’s Feedback

eBay’s seller feedback feature makes it easy for you to get to know the seller by what other buyers have said about his or her products and customer service. Detailed seller ratings include information about the seller’s communication, postage and packaging fees and whether they were deemed reasonable, whether the item description was accurate, and how long the seller took to dispatch the item. Click on the number next to the seller’s username to access this information.


A flattering necklace accentuates your positive features and should match the neckline of your dress. The necklace should not compete with your neckline and it is best to wear a simple necklace with a more elaborate dress and vice versa. In some cases, for example when wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, a necklace detracts from the effect of the dress and therefore, should not be worn. In these cases it is best to accessorise with bracelets, rings, and earrings. The necklace chosen should match the level of formality of your outfit. Consider delicate fine jewellery pieces for more formal occasions and chunky wood necklaces for a more casual look.

To match the neckline of your dress, choose a necklace that is of an appropriate length. The glossary included is designed to help you to understand the names of different necklace lengths. In addition, knowing what is meant by necklace names makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Although there are useful guidelines to observe when it comes to pairing necklaces and necklines, for example, avoiding wearing a round necklace with a V-neck dress, experiment to find the length and type of necklace that suits you best. Browse the selection of necklaces available from eBay sellers to find the perfect match for the neckline of your dress.

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