How to Maximise Your Pepper Plant Yield

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How to Maximise Your Pepper Plant Yield

If your peppers are not giving you the maximum yield you would like to see, there are ways to increase the harvest without losing the flavour of the plants. Proper soil preparation produces higher yield and more succulent peppers, and helping your plants produce a healthy root system is key to maximising output.


Where to Plant Your Peppers

Almost all varieties of chilli, aubergines, and sweet pepper are ideal pepper plants for growing both in the ground and in pots. Growing from seeds is easy with these plants. Pepper plants do well indoors and brighten a kitchen with their colourful fruits tucked into terracotta pots. Outdoors, pepper plants can be the focal point of a garden, drawing the eye to the spectacular array of colour they provide. Be sure to provide them plenty of sunlight; peppers thrive in sun and heat. To obtain the maximum yield from each plant pay particular attention to how you arrange your plants. Staggering your plants by planting in triangles can allow you to fit as many as 15 per cent more plants per square metre. When planting in garden pots, stagger the pots around the garden for maximum yield.


Soil Preparation

For the best results, the soil conditions are the most important factor. A rich soil is key to encouraging the growth of healthy and extensive root systems that can process more nutrients and water. Good root systems create maximum fruit yield. Making sure you till the soil well to create loose soil. Raised beds work well if you have the space available. When using pots for growing, you should put the seeds on top of the soil covered very loosely with organic soil and then water them in. Be sure to limit the number of seeds to only two more than you want since pepper seeds have few failures. Once the seedlings reach 5 centimetres, you need to transplant each one into its own pot.


Fertilisers and Water

Once the weather turns hot, you may need to water your pepper plants twice per day if they are outside or in a window with lots of sun. Pepper plants like a lot of water and dry compost leads to a delay in growth and reduced yield. The first flowers appear when the plants are quite small, so pay particular attention to the plants in the initial stages. Once the plants flower, you should feed them weekly with a liquid food that is high in potash, like tomato fertiliser.


Harvesting Your Plants

Begin to harvest your pepper plants when the individual fruit forms fully and attains a bright colour. Be sure to remove all fully mature fruit from the plant frequently to encourage more growth. The best way to harvest is every other day early in the season and every day when the plants mature.

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