How to Measuring Your Room

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To measure your room you need to have a tape measure preferably in metres.

Step 1 - Draw a diagram of your room
Step 2 - Measure all areas of the room making sure you round up to the nearest centimetre
Step 3 - Make sure any measurements go into any doorways not up to them
Step 4 - Write the measurement on the diagram of your room
Step 5 - Note the longest length and longest width measurements
Step 6 - Add at least 10 centimetres to these measurements for fitting
Step 7 - Multiply the length x width to find the total coverage needed per m2

Please note if you are buying a new carpet the widths are normally 4 or 5 metre wide (multi width carpets are available)
eg width 3.20m x 3.60m carpet sizes purchased would be 3.20m x 4m
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