How to Meditate with Crystals

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Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your mental, physical and spiritual well being. Meditation can relieve tension and make you feel much more relaxed and less stressed. It can calm the mind and bring you a sense of peace. It can also be used for self healing, remote healing and making contact with angels, spirit guides and totems.
    There are number of different meditation techniques that can be used on their own or with crystals. Meditating with crystals is useful as it enhances the meditation experience and draws you closer into the energy of the crystal.The following methods are the most widely used:

The Sitting or Lying Method - This involves sitting or lying down somewhere quiet and using a crystal as an object of meditation. Whilst sitting or lying down breathe slowing in and out through your nose. Become aware of your diaphragm rising and falling. Imagine positive energy flowing into you as you inhale and negative energy leaving you as you exhale. Focus on the appearance and the feel of the crystal. Become absorbed in its colours and textures.

Sound or Mantra Method - This method uses your voice as the object of the meditation. A single word or sound is made and then repeated, the most commonly used is 'Ohm' which originated in Buddhist meditations. The word or sound is med on each exhalation, either out loud or in your head if you prefer. Such repetition keeps your focus on the mantra and keeps all other thoughts out of your head so you don't get distracted.

Visualisation - Your imagination is used in this method to create images in your mind that are related to the topic of your meditation. For example if you were meditating on protection from angry energy, you could imagine a protective shield of white light surrounding you and protecting you.

Music - Many people play music as they meditate. You don't have to use a specific type of music, but you should be aware of how different types of music make you feel. Heavy Metal, for example would not be beneficial, nor would any music that you have a strong emotional connection too. This may interfere with the focus or object of your meditation.

Whatever method you choose to use, with or without crystals, it is important to ground yourself at the end of a meditation. To do this become more aware of your body. Roll your shoulders, wiggle your toes. Next become aware of your surroundings and make yourself more grounded to your physical environment. Imagine the bottom of feet are magnets keeping you linked to the physical realm whilst being able to recall your meditation clearly.

Meditation may be hard work to start with, but with practice it can lead to some very interesting and insightful states of being.
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