How to NOT buy a car.

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My name is Lucas.

I`m trying to buy a car.
Well in theory it should be 4x4 with 7 seats, but will settle for 4x4 5 seater with big boot, or 7 seater mpv.
In last couple of weeks (even months) I was looking (bidding) on couple of cars.
First was Jeep cherokee I`ve send message about ending auction before time, seller didn`t agreed so i`ve won auction for less money that i`ve offered in first place.
Was happy as i was about to pay less than my first offer. 
I`m located in Banff (north east scotland) and the seller was located east midlands so i`ve took day of from work, sort everything to be free on saturday and fly....
On Thursday received mail that unfortunately i will not be able to buy a car as there is a problem with engine (suggested head gasket), well such is life i tought, but there was one thing that was not right - seller added that they will need to get more money now for the car.
The car was listed again couple of days ago without mentioning recent problems, so I`ve wrote negative feedback to all to be aware.
Suddenly the head gasket problem disapired and there was only problem with radiator. Well that was a luck, but not for me as I was refused to buy a car that I had right to buy. Now i`m being a "nightmare" because i`m trying to tell the story.
I`m not saying that there was a head gasket problem but this was sent to me in emails. How was really, who knows, I just know that the car is listed now as fully working and also with reserve price. And my bid of 1550 was refused.

Second car - Jeep Grand Cheeroke (also still listed on ebay)
I`ve went to Birmingham to buy this car as it suppose to be immaculate, great running and everything that can be good.
So .. saturday morning flight to Birmingham then short train to near town and there it is, silver in colour 3.1 td limited edition Cherokee.
First try to start the engine - no luck, second, no luck, the owner sat in the drivers seat and was turning over the engine adding more and more throttle, and here we go, engine started. (in my opinion healthy engine does not need any throtle on starting especially not on nice summer day as it was).
I`ve dropped down to see under the engine, and what a nice sight I`ve seen (the engine was baking in oil)... "why there oil" i`ve asked - "what, what oil, there`s no oil.." ok I might were glasses but i`m not blind.
Third try to check the car - took the cap from radiator and turn the engine (when cold) - OHHHH Yes we heave fountain!!!
Fourth test - check error codes (cherokee is a great car to check error codes !!! - turn thre times ignition on and of and at the fourth time when on there will be errors shown where the mileage is normally) - Yep error codes, was a few so i didnt even waited to see what are they. Just said Thank You and went back to the train station and then 9 hours in the train from Birmingham - home.

Third car - 2001 Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DiD LWB (uhm 7 leather seats) - no collant in the engine, oil leak, VERY thick coolant in expansion bottle (there was no hose to suck the coolant back to the engine!!!). It was Aberdeen so not that far, Just walked away.

Fourth car - 2000 Jeep Cheroke - went by train to Stirling (about three hours in train) just to see old piece of crap that should be melted in to something usefull.
Grinding noice from the engine or gearbox (hard to say exactly), oil leak, temp sensor not working, and again some error codes on the screen.

Fifth car - Renault Grand scenic - suppose to be in great condition - Yes suppose I`m the most handsome man in the world. NO WAY!!!. Interior was like.... well lets say my rabbit hutch is in better condition than this luxury mpv.

I`m always surprised how people react when You telling them that there is something that could be seen without any mechanical knowledge, and they tend to ignore that.
I`ve spend more than 400 pounds on travel just to see some of the worst mistakes that man can made.
If there is a problem You should tell to the buyer and not hope that he will be blind and the dog will guide him home (well I would not manage to drive home this in this two cherokees, maybe would manage get home in Scenic but I dont need a chicken hutch I need a car) .

Well all the best in Your future endeavors.
Before You gonna buy a car on here, or gumtree or any other place check it, as it can save You a fortune.
- engine - oil, coolant, no noises, 
- gearbox - check the clutch (auto and manual heave a different technics how to check them), check the oil level on some automatic transmitions
- suspension - broken springs - quite easy to see them - take flashlight
- rust on chasis, rot on body, bad paint repairs (cheap paint repair wil mean that next year You will heave a nice bubbly problem on Your shiny car).

Look on the net for common problems with car that You gonna buy (cherokee - 3.1td engine especially)

Thanks for reading
Heave a nice : day/evening/night


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