How to Organise Your Handbag

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How to Organise Your Handbag

If you’re like most women, you spend half your time rummaging through an oversized purse trying to recognise your cell phone from your lipstick solely by touch. Things get thrown into your purse, and pretty soon, it’s become a bottomless pit of loose change, pens, paper, cosmetics, and even random items like snacks and your kids’ crayons. Perhaps it’s time to finally take charge and organise your handbag so everything you need will easily be accessible.

There are a couple of ways to approach handbag organisation. One suggestion would be to purchase a handbag organiser, which is a type of pocket that fits inside a handbag and has smaller pockets that can help organise items and keep them from rolling around in the bag. Another option is to have a purse that offers separate compartments for items such as cell phone pocket, zipper pocket for change, and other side pockets for keys or pens.

A third suggestion for organising your bag would be to keep things in small bags such as cosmetics in a cosmetic case, change in a coin purse, and cheque book inside a cheque book holder along with a pen. Here are some tips and suggestions for organising your handbag to make it easier to locate your items instead of wasting time digging for them.

Ways to Organise Your Handbag

Consider what type of handbag you have. If you’re a woman that can’t imagine life without your huge, oversized tote bag, and a smaller purse isn’t an option, then maybe you need to come up with the best strategy for organising your purse. Smaller bags may hold less but they can also be easier to organise with fewer items involved. It really depends on how many items you need to carry in your handbag and the size of your handbag, coupled with how much you want to spend on handbag organisation.

Clean Out Your Handbag

This is the least fun part, but it has to be done. Empty out your handbag completely. First, separate the trash and throw it out. Make sure and check receipts or statements to make sure you’re not getting rid of anything that you may need later or that has important bank account or credit card information on it. Throw out any old or broken items, expired cosmetics, food particles, and trash.

Gather coins together in a pile, and make a stack of all the items that must be in your handbag such as cheques, coins, wallets, photos, makeup, and other things such as your cell phone or address book. Now you can see what you’re dealing with and what you’ll need to get the handbag fully organised.

Organisational Tools

There are many items that can be used to organise your handbag, from organising inserts, accordion folders, wallets, pouches and all-in-one organising handbags themselves. Select the best tools for organising your handbag based on how large your purse is and what items you need to carry on a daily basis.

Stay on Top of Organisation

Your handbag can become cluttered again in just a few days. Set aside a few minutes every weekend to organise your bag for the coming week. Pull the receipts from the week and file them or put them into an envelope, throw away any trash that has accumulated, and put everything back into its rightful spots so your handbag will stay neat and clutter free. If you need to carry paper items in your purse, such as coupons, purchase a small, purse-sized accordion organiser to keep those things from getting torn or ripped.

Plan Ahead

One way of staying organised is to plan ahead. Why carry around your gym mat if you may not go to the gym that week, or have a bunch of kids’ snacks if your kids won’t be in the car with you that day? Only carry with you what you need for that day or several days so you aren’t hauling around a week’s worth of items that aren’t going to be needed during your week. This can lighten your load quite a bit.

Necessary Items

Some things aren’t really necessary. You don’t really need to carry your entire makeup collection, do you? Maybe you only need some powder and lipstick for touch-ups, and you may not need five pens when you could make do with only one. Instead of carrying a cell phone charger in your bag, leave one at work or buy a car cell phone charger and you won’t have to carry one around with you. Consider lightening the load as much as you can to make it easier on your back and shoulders, and make finding your items easier.

If you like to carry things like hairspray, toothpaste, lotion, or hand sanitiser, make sure you’re using small travel-sized bottles of these items, and not full-sized bottles. They are much lighter and easier to tote around.

Types of Organised Handbags

For those who have trouble keeping their handbag organised, there are products available for purchase that come with features that make it easy to keep a handbag organised from the get-go.

Handbag Organisers

Look online for some organisation tools to help you organise your bag depending on your own individual needs. There are handbag organisers, which can be inserted into the purse and have many pockets that hold items. These come in different sizes, styles, and colours. These are great if you have a lot of smaller items that keep getting lost in the bottom of the bag, such as tubes of lipstick, coins, bandages, cough drops, or other little things in your bag.

Organiser Handbags

An all-in-one product that makes a slip-in organiser unnecessary, an organiser handbag has the organiser built right in. These organiser handbags are generally made of leather, and look just like a regular handbag from the outside. However, inside the bag there may be dividers that separate the bag into sections that can help keep your things organised.

Some organiser handbags have outside bags as well, and specific spots for your cell phone, keys, pens, and credit cards. Organiser handbags come in a variety of sizes and colours, and they are most often bags with a shoulder strap. They can be crossbody bags, larger handbags, or small purses, depending on your needs and how much you need to carry in your handbag.

Zippered Cases

For a large handbag, zippered cases are a great way to keep everything organised. A cosmetic bag can be used to hold all of your makeup in one spot, and keep makeup from getting broken or ruined. A change purse can be a great spot to stash loose change so you won’t have to search the bottom of your bag for it when you need it.

Zippered cases, or pouches, come in all kinds of sizes, designs, styles, and colours and are made of different types of materials. There are brand name zippered cases, such as Radley pouches, or a DKNY coin purse. These often can match an existing handbag or be purchased together as a set. These cases can be useful for all kinds of items and are a great alternative to a handbag organiser.

A Multi-Purpose Wallet

For women that need to carry a lot of credit cards, cheques, cash, and other wallet items, a larger wallet may be the best way to keep all these things together. A large wallet is more rectangular than a small one, and there is typically a spot for your cheques, pen, credit cards, photos, cash, and other items. That way, you won’t have to pull out separate pouches to access change or write a cheque easily.

How to Buy Handbag Organising Tools on eBay

Check eBay for some great deals on handbag organisers, wallets, pouches, and organiser handbags. Search for handbag organisers to find those handy little inserts that you can slip into your existing bag. If you’re looking for handy pouches for your bag, those can be easily found by searching for zippered cases. Modify the search from there to specify whether you are looking for cosmetic bags or handbag accessories.

Buying handbag organising tools or purses on eBay is simple and convenient. Alleviate shipping costs by looking for a local seller that might allow a personalised pick up, and see what kind of price you can get if you bundle more than one item with your purchase. The seller may offer you a lower shipping price for two or more items. When you’re shopping for handbag accessories and organisers on eBay, look for Top-Rated Sellers to purchase from, and ask the seller directly if you have any questions about the item or would like to see additional images. Check the seller’s feedback to ensure you’re making the best purchase decision you can.


Organising your handbag can be a daunting task, but it’s one of the easiest ways to simplify your already hectic and busy life. Our handbags typically represent our state of mind, so a cluttered, disorganised bag is very likely the sign of a person that needs a little bit of organisation in her life. Keeping your bag light not only reduces your physical load, but it makes it much easier to find items in your purse. Making a habit of keeping your handbag organised is a win-win situation.

Purchasing items to help your keep your handbag neat and clutter free is a worthwhile investment, even if it’s something as small as a cosmetics bag or a cheque book holder. Do not haul around a giant, heavy purse that’s full of items you rarely use, don’t need, or belong in the trash. Make the effort to make this small part of your life simpler so you can focus on other things.

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