How to Organise Your Wallet

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How to Organise Your Wallet

Wallets were invented in the late 1600s, shortly after the introduction of paper money. They are small, often pocket-sized storage places for cash, credit cards, driving licences, and insurance cards. However, wallets have evolved over the years to become storage units for unnecessary items that clutter space for essential cards. Men use wallets to store business receipts, gift cards, and even car keys. The trend toward wallet disorganisation led to the creation of the organiser wallet, which typically comprises neatly compartmentalised components that store only what men need to carry to conduct everyday business. Men who open their wallets and stare into a mound of chaos should consider buying an organiser wallet.

Men can find organiser wallets in the men’s section of most department stores. Men’s clothing stores stock a wider selection of organiser wallets than men can find at big box retailers. eBay provides the most convenient way to shop for organiser wallets by bringing together sellers and buyers online. Before men begin to organise their wallets, they should learn about how to organise their wallets, what to look for in an organiser wallet, and review the best organiser wallets.

Your Wallet Is Not a Filing Cabinet

Some men treat their wallets as home filing cabinets, a place to store important documents and records. Organising your wallet means reducing the amount of items that take up space, but serve no immediate purpose. Deciding on what to leave out of a wallet makes it easier to decide which items belong.


Holding on to receipts is an excellent way to verify monthly credit card statements. However, too many men utilise their wallets for storing receipts. This creates a bulky wallet that becomes a burden to carry. Receipts also obscure items that men need for easy access. Receipts typically contain important credit card information that can lead to identity theft. Organise receipts at home by creating a receipt filing system. This can include organising receipts in manilla folders by type of receipt, or simply paper clipping similar receipts together and labelling each stack with a post-it note.

Rarely Used Credit Cards

Organising a wallet requires men to decide which credit cards to carry and which credit cards to safely store at home for emergencies. Rarely used credit cards, such as bank cards used for large purchases, should be kept in a safe at home. On the other hand, frequently used credit cards should be organised in a wallet by their frequency of use. For instance, a gas credit card should be stored in one of the first slots of a wallet for easy access. Department store cards should only appear in wallets on the days that men plan to use them. Store two credit cards in your wallet; one for gas and one bank card for cash withdrawals.

Gift Cards

Thieves treat gift cards as cash, since there is no way for gift card owners to cancel the cards. Men should consider gift cards the same way they should view department store credit cards. The only reason to carry a gift card in a wallet is if a man expects to use the gift card during the same day. Leave gift cards at home, unless you expect to be shopping at a particular store or dine in a specific restaurant.


Cheques not only take up unnecessary space, they also contain bank account numbers, addresses, and signature impressions. Thieves can easily cash stolen cheques, and worse, find out where a man lives. Use a debit card or bank credit card to make daily purchases. Utilise cheques for paying monthly bills.

Excess Cash

Follow the edict promulgated by most financial advisors: only carry as much cash as you can afford to lose. Cash should be stored in a men’s wallet for emergencies, such as when the electrical grid shuts down and no one has access to electronic cash machines. Organise cash by buying a wallet that has multiple cash slots.

Social Security Card

The number one way to become a victim of identity theft is to have a social security card fall into the wrong hands. Unless someone plans to fill out employment paperwork or obtain a driving licence, there is not a valid reason for adding more clutter to a wallet.

What to Keep in Your Wallet

A man’s wallet should provide easy access to the most important personal documentation and a place for easy access to money. Once a man learns what not to put in his wallet, organising the wallet becomes a simple task.

Personal Identification Card

The best organiser wallets provide a laminate slot for placing a driving licence or work identification card. Face each card back-to-back in the primary laminated slot, which typically attaches to the base of most organiser wallets. Personal identification cards should be the most accessible item in a man’s wallet.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to network. However, some men overstuff their wallets with business cards, which creates an uncomfortable feeling in their back pocket. Excess business cards also prevent easy access to credit and debit cards. Carry 10 business cards in a wallet. If a man needs to carry more business cards, then he should purchase a business card holder and store it in a satchel or briefcase.

Loose Change

Loose change comes in handy at toll booths and at convenience stores. The best organiser wallets possess small pockets where men can place a few coins for easy access. Men can eliminate many wallets during the buying process by not considering wallets that do not have change storage compartments.

Insurance Cards

Many organisation experts recommend that insurance cards should not comprise the contents of a man’s wallet. They suggest placing car insurance cards in the glove compartment of a vehicle, and health insurance cards in a home safe. However, men should use one of the plastic card storage slots to store their two most important insurance cards back-to-back.

Protect Yourself

One important note needs to be made about organising your wallet: protection. Thieves have become increasingly brazen in their attempts to steal wallets. Protect yourself from identity theft and fraudulent credit card charges by making copies of everything that you carry in your wallet that contains personal information. This includes making copies of a driving licence, insurance cards, and credit cards. Store the backup information in a small pouch that fits inside of a front pants pocket. If your wallet ever comes up missing, you can quickly contact the bank, health insurance company, and automobile association. Thieves take immediate action after they steal wallets, so having the backup information readily available may be the difference between a drained bank account and nothing happening at all. In addition, a backup list acts as a wallet inventory checklist.

What to Look for in an Organiser Wallet

Organiser wallets provide men with an excellent way to carry their most valuable possessions within easy access. While men’s organiser wallets possess varied characteristics, the best organiser wallets share some common traits. The best organiser wallets are large enough to store essential personal information, yet they do not waste valuable space. Moreover, they must fit comfortably in a back pants pocket or inside coats and jackets. The best organiser wallets have zippered pouches for loose change and other small items. They provide an efficient way to store cash by offering multiple compartments for different money denominations. Manufacturers produce the best organiser wallets to feature numerous card slots for debit, credit, and insurance cards. The best organiser wallets are made of durable materials that resist wear and tear of everyday use. Many men find treated leather to be the most reliable material for organiser wallets.

Buying a Men’s Organiser Wallet on eBay

eBay offers men a wide selection of organiser wallets that offer features that appeal to individual shopping criteria. Simply type a few keywords into eBay’s search engine and then navigate through the search results to find prospective organiser wallet sellers. Try to be as specific as possible when typing in keywords. For instance, typing “Bond Street men’s wallet” or “designer men’s organiser wallet” returns fewer search results. Once you find a seller who meets your shopping criteria, click the product page link to review an enlarged product photograph, as well as information about accepted payment methods and delivery terms.

Consider buying from eBay’s Top-Rated Sellers. These sellers have established strong records for selling high-quality products and offering generous return policies. You can find eBay’s top-rated sellers by looking for the ribbon icon that appears by seller product photographs on search results pages. In addition, eBay posts seller customer feedback on product pages. Look for sellers who have received positive feedback over the past year, with some of the positive feedback related to men’s accessories. Once you establish a strong business relationship with an eBay seller, you may be able to garner some great deals if the seller has opened an eBay store.


What was once a storage place for money has evolved into a man’s personal office space. Wallets have become the home for credit cards, identification cards, and insurance cards. However, many men utilise wallets to store unnecessary objects, such as gift cards, rarely used credit cards, and even car keys. To make it easier for men to organise their most important cards, manufacturers have created a line of organiser wallets that provide ample space for money, as well as slots and pockets to store anything from bank cards to cell phones. Organiser wallets come in many shapes and sizes to meet the needs of every man.

Men can shop for organiser wallets in the men’s department of big box retailers or at men’s clothing stores. They can find a wider selection of organiser wallets in-store that cater to men. Shopping in person allows men to see and touch organiser wallets, which brings peace of mind. However, men can still receive the benefits of shopping in person and obtaining great deals on organiser wallets by reviewing organiser wallets in person and then going online to buy the wallet that appeals to them. eBay provides men with the most convenient way to shop for men’s organiser wallets online, at prices that typically run lower than the prices found in brick and mortar stores.

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