How to Pack Your Motorhome for a Holiday

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How to Pack Your Motorhome for a Holiday

Whether during the winter months or at a warmer time of the year, nothing is better than taking a holiday. Some people go even further than this by travelling around the country in their own motorhome. These recreational vehicles are perfect for seeing multiple locations without having to stay in a hotel. You also get the comfort of home wherever you go. Like a home, these vehicles need to be fully stocked with lots of household supplies.

The maximum load weight of the motorhome is an important limitation to consider when stocking up for a holiday. Fortunately, there are plenty of goods to fulfil your needs while travelling that are lightweight. Travel sized soap, shampoo, and other supplies help to keep the weight down and save space. Keeping certain bulky items like toilet paper to a minimum also helps to save space. Household goods can be found in local grocery shops, supermarkets, and online at eBay.

Get Organised

Organisation is essential when staying in a motorhome, whether it is for a few days or months at a time. This means knowing exactly what you have and exactly where everything is. Start planning before the trip. Create a checklist to help you to keep track of everything and maintain it during your holiday. Motorhomes are travelling houses, so bear this in mind while packing, as you need to keep the total weight of the vehicle within the manufacturer's load limitations and under the maximum weight permitted for vehicles on the road. Think reusable, lightweight, and minimal.

Creating a Checklist

A checklist for packing the motorhome can be used like a grocery list to ensure that you buy everything that you need for the holiday. It is also a good way of keeping track of everything after packing. If holidays in the motorhome are a regular occurrence, then laminating the checklist makes it reusable, so you can mark off items as you pack before each trip. Make packing easy by sorting the motorhome checklist into different areas. Perhaps even create a different list for each part of the vehicle. Create a few copies of the checklist to keep at home and to use while shopping for supplies. Then make sure that there is a copy in each area of the motorhome.


The bathroom is a very small space in a motorhome. However, there is usually a storage compartment for necessary items. Think about hygiene and also cleaning supplies. Everyone needs soap and toilet paper, but you do not need to stock up on a lot of it. Almost every local shop sells these essential products. Unless you plan on going into a rural area away from a village shop, you should only need to pack a minimum amount.

Save space by using travel size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions. A sealable plastic travel kit for toiletries can be stored in your personal items and taken to the bathroom as needed to save cluttering the space. Pack an emergency kit with medication, antiseptic, plasters, bandages, and medical tape in case of injuries.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Packing the kitchen and dining area is a two pronged process as you need both food and cooking utensils. Lightweight items are important in this area too. Keep an eye out for plastic and aluminium kitchenware as these are lightweight and inexpensive. Only pack the essential utensils to help to cut down on weight and maximise space; one table setting per person on the trip is more than enough. Back this up with paper plates, if you have a large family or like to picnic during the trip.

Every motorhome should be stocked with some food at least for the first few days of the trip to help you to avoid finding a shop that is open when you need it. Look at dried, dehydrated foods for the cupboards for long trips. Pack the minimum amount of fresh food, then buy local produce during the holiday. Most campsites have facilities where you can fill water tanks with fresh water for drinking, cooking, and showering.

Amount of Food to Stock

The amount of food that you stock should meet the daily demands of everyone on the trip. Here is a basic table showing how many kilograms (kg) of food should be carried per person per day of the trip for a group of adults.

Number of People

Food for One Day (kg)

Food for Three Days (kg)

Food for Seven Days (kg)

















The weight of food given should be estimated after it is cooked. So, dried foods weigh considerably less than the average amount of cooked food consumed by a person. Add in some extra high calorie food it the holiday involves lots of activities. Note that the quantities can be reduced if there are children on the trip, and some people consume more than the average person, so use the table as a guideline and adjust the quantities to suit the holidaymakers.

Sleeping Area

If the motorhome is hired, it should come with some bedding for the sleeping areas. However, it makes sense to pack extra bedding for the comfort of everyone on holiday. Make sure that there is sufficient linen for folding beds as well as permanent beds. Pack a couple of extra pillows and blankets to keep the chill away when the cold night air creeps in.

Driver's Seat

The motorhome is also a moving vehicle, so the driver needs a few essentials for a comfortable journey. The seats in a motorhome have extra padding, but the driver may consider packing a back cushion for a long trip. Drivers travelling to a new location should make sure that the GPS system is working, but should also take along a couple of good maps and a compass just in case the holiday is far off the beaten track.

Storage and Cleaning

Motorhomes have storage compartments for extra items. Use these spaces to pack extra clothing or personal items. Pack some outdoor and cleaning supplies. Place an extra tarpaulin , camping stove, folding table, and chairs in the storage compartments. If needed, lanterns and small gas canisters can also be packed. It is a good idea to take some emergency water containers and a hose.

Cleaning supplies are often overlooked during packing, but are a necessary for a long holiday. Pack a good multi-purpose cleaner that can be used in the kitchen and bathroom. Remember to take sponges and cleaning cloths. A bucket, mop, broom, dustbin, and small vacuum cleaner are useful too to ensure that the living space stays habitable during the holiday.

Buying Supplies for Your Motorhome Holiday on eBay

You can buy everything that you need to pack for your motorhome holiday on eBay. The site is filled with listings of household goods, bedding, cleaning supplies, and cookware. To find items quickly, use the eBay search engine and enter some terms that match the items that you want. The search terms can be general or specific. For example, enter the terms "aluminium saucepan" or search by a brand name, such as "Tefal saucepan". The eBay search engine bar is available at the top of every page on the website.

Local Sellers

Look for a seller within your postcode to save money on postage and packaging. Buying from a local seller also means that it takes less time for the parcel to arrive. This is a good idea when trying to get a motorhome packed in time for an upcoming trip. To find listings only from a certain area, use the filters available after obtaining the search results. All this requires is your postcode and the preferred seller's distance from that location.


Packing a motorhome for a holiday can be a big task. It may take weeks to gather everything that is required, especially for a new motorhome. Getting organised is the key to making the process of packing go smoothly and efficiently. One of the best tools for organisation is a checklist. Not only can it be used for packing, but it is a handy reference while on holiday. Checklists for each area in the motorhome show exactly what is onboard. Consider stocking the motorhome by area, including the driver's seat. This helps to make the task easier because you only have to focus on one section of the motorhome at a time.

When calculating how much food to pack for the trip, take into account the number of people travelling in the motorhome, their ages, their normal dietary habits, and the length of the holiday. Ensure that the kitchen is stocked with enough food for at least the first few days, if not longer if the holiday is far away from grocery shops. One of the best places to find all of the supplies to stock a motorhome for your holiday is eBay.

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