How to Pack for a Spa Weekend

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How to Pack for a Spa Weekend

There is nothing more exhilarating than going away for a spa weekend, whether it is alone or with good friends. Travellers need to plan properly to ensure they are bringing the right items for a spa trip, and packing all of the essentials is the best way to do this. For travellers who have a problem when it comes to organisation, sometimes it helps to create a list of all the needed items that can be double-checked before leaving for the weekend. It also might be wise to call the spa ahead of time and ensure that it provides robes, towels, and other items that travellers may be concerned whether or not they should bring.

Along with items that travellers need to take with them on a spa weekend, there are also many items that should be left behind. Mostly, these items are work related or item that would otherwise distract the minds of travellers from the true purpose of a spa weekend, which is to relax. Spa travellers should leave work and other stressful items behind and enjoy the weekend for what it truly is: a getaway. People should pack lightly for a spa weekend, but make sure all of the necessary items are there to make the weekend comfortable and enjoyable.

Bringing Documents

For travellers who are not simply taking a car and driving to their destination, making sure all necessary paperwork is in order is the first thing that needs to be taken care of and subsequently packed. Documents include everything from tickets to travel receipts, and should be kept organised in a folder or bag for ease of use, and so they do not get lost before the trip commences.


For international travel, it is a must to have a current and updated passport. This should be carried in a small carry-on bag or handbag for easy access, and it is probably a good idea for travellers to have a separate, smaller tote or handbag that has all of the travel documents inside so people do not have to rummage around for passports when they are needed. Check the passport in advance to ensure that it is up to date.

Airline or Train Tickets

For travellers who are flying to a spa destination, it is wise to have boarding passes and flight tickets in the same spot, ready to go. Tickets are one of the items that are easy to misplace, so before the day of the departure, travellers should put tickets in a safe place until it is time to pack them for the trip.

Reservations or Itinerary

When travellers have made reservations online, there is usually confirmation information and/or itinerary, as well as other information about the spa or hotel where travellers are going to be staying. It is best to bring all confirmation items and information just in case it is needed upon check-in.

Packing Clothes

Packing for a spa weekend should not entail too many bags or too many items. It is only a few days, and since a spa weekend involves many specific activities, travellers do not need many of their day-to-day or general types of outfits. This cuts down on the packing stress. People should only bring what is needed, and not over pack.

Casual Wear

Depending on what activities travellers plan to be a part of during the day, daytime wear can be more specific, but for the most part, it should be comfortable and easy to wear, with nothing requiring special care or ironing. Loose cotton clothing and T-shirts, light sweaters, summer or beach dresses, and comfortable pants are good options. This is a spa vacation, so travellers should leave anything uncomfortable at home.


Most spas often offer a pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi, so bringing swimwear is of importance. Since there may not be access to a washing facility, it is wise to bring more than one swimsuit for the weekend, along with any type of cover-up.

Exercise Clothing

Since most spas offer exercise classes and fitness centres, travellers should bring some workout options, such as yoga pants, athletic tops, and sports bras. People can bring whatever they normally wear to exercise to the spa. Travellers should make sure the clothing is also comfortable for any type of outdoor exercise, such as hiking, outdoor yoga, or walking.

Bringing Shoes

For a spa getaway, travellers should only take a couple of pairs of shoes. People who visit a spa are more likely to wear flip-flops or sandals rather than any other shoes, especially if the climate is warm. Flip-flops are easy to get on and off, especially for people who are going from activity to activity or swimming in the pool.

Another option for shoes is to bring a pair of comfortable athletic sneakers. Sneakers can be worn while exercising and walking, and also for daytime lounging or sightseeing. Slippers may or may not be provided by the spa, so travellers may want to pack at least one pair of slippers to wear during massages or other spa treatments.

Packing Personal Items

Travellers do not want to forget any personal care items, such as hair brushes, soap, shampoo, undergarments, makeup, sunscreen, or face moisturisers. Personal items may also include anything that people need to feel good and get dressed every day, including any hair accessories to pull hair back and out of the face during treatments. Pyjamas or nightclothes to sleep in and other items that are needed daily, such as a toothbrush, should be packed too.

Bringing Entertainment Items

A relaxing getaway to the spa is the perfect time to catch up on all the things that people do not get to do during the busy work week. Travellers should take things like a couple of novels or magazines that have not been read, an MP3 player to listen to some relaxing music while lying outside in the sun by the pool, or an eBook reader to catch up on games and television shows, or to surf the Internet. Headphones are a must, as other spa guests may not want to hear an audio book, music, or the latest episodes of television shows or movies.

Making a Packing Checklist

Sometimes it is easier when packing to reference a list. Travellers should make a list of all the necessary items, and mark them off as they are packed. Before guests depart, a last minute check can be made to ensure everything has been packed properly.



Personal Care



Cotton T-shirts

Lightweight pants


Workout gear


Swimsuits (2+)




Confirmation of accommodations

Train or plane tickets and boarding passes






Athletic trainers


Cosy slippers

MP3 player





eBook reader

Packing can be stressful, even for just a spa weekend trip, and most travellers usually forget one thing or another. Most spas can accommodate forgotten items, especially small ones like soap or shampoo. The accommodations may even come with toiletries, so it is best to call ahead and check what is available so guests do not pack items they do not need.

Purchasing Spa Weekend Items on eBay

When you are going away for a spa weekend, you know you are going to relax and unwind, and you do not want to worry about packing. It is best to do it a week or so in advance, and add the last minute items the day before you leave. Check eBay for anything you may need for your trip, such as luggage or tote bags to take with you. Check for deals on short breaks and vacations with great deals on accommodations. Do not forget the clothing you may need for your trip; a new swimsuit or two is always a good way to start out a vacation, and you can find those on eBay.

Purchase necessary items for a getaway from Top-rated sellers. Especially when you are booking a trip online, get all of the relevant information, and message the seller one-on-one to ask questions about what the tickets entail. If you are getting package holidays, find out if air or train travel is also included. Book your trip well in advance to make sure everything is planned properly, and do not forget your sunglasses and beach towels, which you can also purchase on eBay.


Travelling for business may not be that much fun, but going away for the weekend to a spa promises relaxation, fun, and sunshine. Packing for a spa getaway should not be stressful, and should mostly involve comfortable clothing that does not wrinkle, shoes that go on and off easily, and the minimum of makeup and jewellery along with personal care products. A spa weekend should not include anything uncomfortable, formal, or any items that need ironing. A spa getaway should be planned properly, so travellers should make arrangements several weeks in advance for air or train travel, along with accommodations.

Travellers should ensure that they also take a lightweight bag for toting items around the spa itself, such as a water bottle, towels, hair bands, and magazines to make enjoying the spa stay easier and more enjoyable. Guests may need the room to bring back souvenirs from their trip, as well. For travellers who tend to be forgetful, making a list of items and checking them off as they are packed is a good idea. Guests should also bring a bit of extra cash with them just in case something was left behind and needs to be purchased, such as toothpaste or shampoo.

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