How to Pick a Cute Clutch Bag That Goes with Any Outfit

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How to Pick a Cute Clutch Bag That Goes with Any Outfit

The finishing touches to any outfit, accessories are key to bringing together a look. A clutch bag offers both an aesthetic touch and function, carrying essentials without the bulk and weight of heavier handbags. Choosing a cute bag that works as both an evening bag for a night out and a purse to toss into a larger bag for casual occasions simplifies a wardrobe without sacrificing style.


Choose a Quality Clutch

Clutches generally do not see as much use as other accessories, which means they rarely wear out. Bags used for all situations, however, face greater demands, putting them at greater risk of tearing, scuffing, ripping, or other damage. Choosing a quality clutch ensures a longer-lasting one that fits in with the classic staples of a wardrobe, going from season to season without the need for replacement. The highest quality clutches usually have designer or boutique names, such as River Island clutch bags. Splurge on a luxury name, such as Prada or Gucci, for classic appeal and lasting performance.


Opt for an All-Season Material

A seasonally inappropriate material leaves a clutch looking out-of-place an awkward, regardless of the outfit. Choose a material that seamlessly transitions between seasons for a versatile look that pairs with a range of outfits. A leather clutch bag offers a classic, sophisticated touch without overwhelming the effect of an outfit. Avoid suede, however, which is only appropriate for fall and winter seasons. For a bolder statement, choose a structured clutch, such as a vintage clutch bag with a metal frame and cotton or knit sides, or an edgy contemporary choice with hard plastic framing that gives a boxy effect.


Select a Versatile Colour

Evaluate when the clutch might see the most use and select an appropriate colour for those situations. Choose a black clutch bag for a basic finish perfect for business, evening, and casual outfits. A black and silver clutch bag elevates this simple look and adds an edgy flair. For a softer effect more appropriate for outfits reliant on neutral shades, choose a cream clutch bag. A navy clutch bag offers an ideal balance between the chic look of a dark shade and avoiding the harshness often associated with black.


Choose the Appropriate Size

Meant only to hold the essentials, a clutch bag is not a large accessory. Most are small enough for carrying in one hand, hence the name. Choose one large enough to hold necessities, such as a compact, money, lipstick, and a house key as to avoid an awkward, overfilled look by stuffing too much into it.

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