How to Pick a Cute Equestrian Top That Flatters Your Figure

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How to Pick a Cute Equestrian Top That Flatters Your Figure

An equestrian top should be both functional and stylish. Mainly worn to protect the rider, these tops are designed to be form-fitting. Never wear baggy clothing when riding, as it may become easily snagged or bunched up, thereby limiting movement. Whether trail riding or competing, your equestrian top keeps you and your horse safe. To find one that flatters your figure, take your body shape into consideration.


Broad Shoulders

Women with broad shoulders should consider a short-sleeve equestrian top that blends their shoulders with the rest of their torso. A equestrian top that features a boat neckline also complements the woman's collarbone, while a V-neck draws attention downwards away from the shoulder area. It is best to avoid cap sleeve equestrian clothing, which would make already broad shoulders look even wider. As for colour, dark colours or a black top visually slims down the shoulder region. Additionally, avoid white tops, as they may enhance the area.


Large Bust

Women with a large bust should consider an equestrian top with built-in shelf support. Mock neck options feature a more conservative neckline and can help draw attention away from the bust area, while a tank type with wide straps offer increased support. Women should avoid camisole styles and any tops with plunging necklines that draw attention towards the chest. It is also a good idea to forgo embellishments, such as sequins and glitter, near the bust area.


Wide Hips

A woman with wide hips should wear horse riding clothes that emphasise the shoulders, thus balancing out her proportions. Embellished equestrian tops draw attention upwards away from the problem area. Detailed prints, brightly coloured tops, and plunging necklines also help keep attention on a woman's upper body. Furthermore, do not choose block-coloured blouses with plain necklines, as the lack of visual stimulation brings attention to the hips. Instead, consider an equestrian top with a boat, square, or cowl neckline.


Short Arms

Women with short arms should consider an equestrian top with a lower neckline. The thin straps lengthen the appearance of the arms, neck, and shoulders. Moreover, it is best to avoid tank tops and those that feature sleeves, as they cut the line of the arm and make them appear shorter. Still, take into account the top's design. For instance, women's equestrian clothing with vertical stripes give the visual impact of lengthening the body, while horizontal stripes widen the body and do nothing for short arms.

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