How to Pick a Gaming System

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  1. Decide what kind of gamer you will be: hard-core, normal, or light.
  2. Choose the respective gaming system. If you are a hard-core you might want a PS3 or Xbox 360. If you are a normal gamer pick any system Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. And if you are a light gamer pick a Wii or a handheld system (gameboy).
  3. Purchase the gaming system for a good price.

    • The Playstation 2 is A Good One:$90-$140
    • As of Friday Sept. 5 2008, Xbox by Microsoft is the Cheapest NewER System:$180-$200 at the most.
    • PS3 is one of the most expensive: Also $400-$600
    • Nintendo Wii is a good non-hand held console: $300-$400
    • Hand-held: Nintendo DS, Gameboy are the cheapest: $150 and under Not being Bundled...(Nintendo DS Bundled With GH On Tour)
  4. While you're looking for a system, look for games for it too. If you find a game that you really like or want, let the system it's released for be a factor in your decision.
  5. Consider the system's features. Do you want to play online with other people? Consider a PS3 for the PlayStation Network or an Xbox for Xbox Live. Do you want a light system without extraneous features? Consider the Nintendo Wii.
  6. Read online reviews of the system. This can help you get a better feel for your console in real life operation.
  7. Set up the gaming system above the floor, and in an open, dust free area; otherwise dust will get into the system and over heat!


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