How to Pick the Right Bass Drum Pedal for You

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How to Pick the Right Bass Drum Pedal for You

Bass drum pedals differ significantly from each other. Drummers looking for the perfect pedal can choose from among many different materials, construction designs, costs, and other features. Choosing the right bass drum pedal for you requires that you understand the most important of these features and how they fit with your own personality, playing style, and skill level.


Choose Between Single and Double Pedals

The most basic difference between bass drum pedals is the difference between single pedals and double pedals. Single pedals consist of one footplate and beater, while the double pedal provides two footplates and beaters. Deciding which type to purchase depends primarily upon skill level and playing style. For instance, single pedals are easier for beginners, while double pedals allow more experienced drummers to engage in the quick playing required in certain types of music, like heavy metal.


Choose Pedal Weight

Once you choose between single and double pedals, you should choose a weight, or the amount of resistance the pedal provides as the player presses down on it. The best pedal weight for you depends upon your own personal preference. Many modern pedals are designed to be light, sporting design features such as springs and lightweight materials. Some come with more than one cam so you can choose which feel you prefer at any one time. Heavier pedals tend to be made by DW, Iron Cobra, and Yamaha.


Choose Speed

Once you choose the type and weight of your pedal, you will need to choose a speed. Several features besides simple skill affect its speed. Heavier pedals, for instance, will not allow you to play as quickly as lighter pedals. In addition, greater alignment, the presence of springs, as in the DW 9000, and double pedals all improve speed. When choosing the right bass drum pedal for you, consider how important speed is to you, and choose pedals with one or more of these features if you need to play quickly.


Consider Budget

Of course, one of the factors that will have the greatest effect on your pedal choice is your budget. Pedals come in a wide range of prices, from those that cost less than £50 to those that cost almost £500. In general, the more expensive items come with many of the features that create lightweight, fast, and customisable pedals. However, even inexpensive items come with a variety of features that allow you to choose the one that is right for you.


Look for Customisability

Finally, before choosing the bass drum pedal that is right for you, you should consider its customisability. Many of the most highly-reviewed pedals come with features that allow you to change the feel and speed of the pedal. These can include multiple cams, as well as adjustable footboards that provide you with different angles on which to play.

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