How to Pick the Right Effects Pedal for Your Guitar

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How to Pick the Right Effects Pedal for Your Guitar

An effects pedal widens your guitar-playing scope and allows you to craft your sound to the finest tonal detail. By altering the signal sent from guitar to amplifier, you can use an effects pedal pedal to distort, delay, texturise, or layer your sound according to your musical demands. Also known as a stompbox, these accessories can transform your playing repertoire and encourage experimentation. Widely available on eBay, you can pick out the effects pedal that will add a new dimension to your sound.


Testing Pedals

Musical accomplishment and experience bears heavily on choosing an effects pedal. An experienced guitarist with limited knowledge on an effects pedal may nevertheless understand how they wish to enhance their sound. If you are a beginner, however, you may need to sample many pedals to gain an overview of what different pedals can do. Although you should research the capabilities of various pedals in terms of sound effects, build quality, and construction, theoretical knowledge alone is not enough. Try the effects pedal you are interested in first hand and see how it performs with your own guitar and amplifier. This is an important step because it gives you a tangible way to assess the suitability of one effects pedal over another.


Musical Tastes and Playing Style

The most significant factor in choosing an effects pedal is determining your own tastes and playing style. On this alone, the overload of features available in many modern effects pedals may prove necessary or completely redundant. Feature-rich pedals give you more opportunity to experiment, but less opportunity to fine tune your desired sound. This is why multi effect pedals is a good choice for a beginner wishing to find their sound, but is less satisfying for musicians wishing to perfect a particular sound.


Price Point

The price of an effects pedal can vary widely. Through hands-on testing and research, ascertain the benefits you can expect from a particular effects pedal that falls within your budget. Depending on your playing style, experience, and competency, you may need to spend more on a high quality pedal to gain the tonal character you are looking for. On the other hand, be aware how easy it is to overspend on a pedal with unnecessary features. Whether you are at beginner or advanced levels, always choose high quality pedals that receive solid reviews and contain useful features.


Learn the Jargon

As you shop for a particular effects pedal you may encounter baffling language used to describe certains effects. Along with finding out how an analogue effects pedal compares to a digital one, learn the terminology that will help you make a more informed decision. These may include technical terms that describe completely different technologies employed, such as true bypass and buffer bypass effects pedals.

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