How to Pick the Right Grill for You

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How to Pick the Right Grill for You

Grilling is great fun, but buying a grill can get confusing since there are so many options. Bigger and more expensive is not always better. Think about how and what you want to grill as well as the features you want so you can serve up tasty and healthy meals every time.


Fuel Type

The most popular and, according to some, those that cook the best, burn either gas or charcoal. Many people have strong opinions, but most people cannot taste the difference. The important consideration is really cooking style. Charcoal grills get hotter than most gas grills do, so if you want a crust on your meat, charcoal is an easier way to get it. Charcoal grills also work better for smoking because they do not need as much ventilation. However, gas grills heat up faster, and it is easier to control their temperature.



Larger grills mean you can cook more food at once, and you can handle larger foods. However, they are also harder to move around and often more expensive. A good option, therefore, is to get the smallest grill capable of meeting your needs. Consider both the inside volume and the area of the primary cooking surface. You need about 650 square cm per dinner guest because food needs room to cook properly. Also, make sure your new grill actually fits where you plan to put it.



High-end grills can get very complex, with multiple heat zones, smokers, rotisseries, secondary burners with their own removable griddles, and even automatic thermostats. The simplest grills are just vented fireproof bowls with a lid in which you can build a fire. Complicated grills do not necessarily cook food any better, and there are more parts that can break, but they do give you more options. For example, a gas grill can only get hot enough to give a steak a crust if it has an infrared feature. Get a grill that has the features you actually plan to use.


Not all grills require the same level of care. A stainless steel grill, for example, does not rust, though it does show dirt too well. A cast iron grill needs less polishing but does need a rain cover. Gas burners need cleaning and can clog. In short, do not commit to more maintenance than you really want.

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