How to Plan Flights and Accommodation for a US Holiday

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How to Plan Flights and Accommodation for a US Holiday

Intercontinental travel and holidays abroad require a lot of planning. Starting early and planning ahead means smooth travel and more free time. About 38 times larger than the UK, the US offers vast holiday options. Making efficient travel arrangements and booking the right accommodations can greatly reduce costs and stress.



For flight tickets, plan far ahead and buy as early as possible for considerably cheaper fares. Choosing a mid-week flight is also a good money-saving tip as demand for weekend flights is high. Keep in mind that planning a holiday outside of the peak-season is reflected in the price. As a general rule of thumb, late tickets for July and August are priced higher than those at other times. Another option is to take a last minute offer. Offers of this kind are not very flexible, but they often have flights and accommodation for a very low price.


Air Miles

Air miles are also a good way to pay for a ticket. Company loyalty pays off for frequent flyers as the accumulated miles can even pay for a transatlantic ticket. Those who are a couple of hundred miles short can purchase miles from another user or in the form of a voucher, as miles are transferable. In some cases, even buying a larger amount of air miles can prove to be more economically sound decision than paying the a full price for the ticket.


Accommodation Package

Package holidays suit those who want everything planned out. All-inclusive packages can take travellers to various hotels and holiday resorts and often include three meals a day combined with various other perks like pools, saunas, and tennis courts. Alternatively, rent a villa in Orlando and enjoy the summer with the kids at Disney World. Florida has holiday villas scattered across its coast and California offers more of the same on the west coast. Those trying to catch a break from civilization can rent a holiday cottage in a reclusive location or find bed and breakfast accommodation in a quieter part of the US.


Booking Hotels, Hostels, and More

Hotels and hostels put out a vast assortment of offers. Start by inquiring about the price of different rooms, as price may vary even on similar rooms. When it comes to hostels, always check what the communal areas are like. Some people are uncomfortable sharing a kitchen, while others have problems sharing bathroom facilities. Apartments and sublets are good alternatives with the same level of comfort. For a groups of more than four, they may even prove to be cheaper than hostels.

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