How to Plan Short Breaks in Paignton

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How to Plan Short Breaks in Paignton

A short seaside holiday is often just enough to relax and rejuvenate the mind without breaking the bank. Rather than jetting off to a distant island, some travellers prefer something a bit closer to home. Fondly known as the English Riviera, the Torbay area in Devon, which includes the towns of Brixham, Torquay, and Paignton, is a popular destination for people looking to escape to the coast for a few days. Whether visitors choose to spend their time strolling along the Pier or basking on the beach, Paignton offers ample opportunities for family fun in the sun. To make the most of short breaks in Paignton, tourists are encouraged to inquire about a variety of accommodations and activities in advance.

Even travellers who enjoy frequent jaunts to the English Riviera can benefit from planning out their trip before they go. To book the perfect short break in Paignton, it is important to consider a variety of transportation and lodging options. Additionally, tourists are encouraged to research the notable sights and attractions in the Paignton area in order to decide if this region is their cup of tea. This also helps visitors select a place to stay that is close to the activities they are most interested in pursuing.

Planning Ahead for Short Breaks in Paignton

With 22 miles of beautiful sandy beaches to explore, the picturesque Torbay region in South Devon is the perfect place for a quick getaway. Specifically, Paignton's central location is ideal for those who wish to make day trips to any of the nearby localities, such as Torquay and Brixham. When booking holiday accommodations and transport, there are three key aspects to consider: how to get to Paignton, where to stay, and what to pack for the trip. When the length of the stay is limited, it makes sense to plan carefully, as this ensures that the few days spent in Paignton are full of fun rather than frustration.

Transportation to and from Paignton

Situated on the southern coast of Devon, England, the town of Paignton is smack dab in the middle of the "Beautiful Bay", as locals like to call it. Nearby cities include Plymouth and Exeter, which are both less than an hour away by car. Many local tourists enjoy road tripping to the English Riviera, but those who cannot or do not want to drive have other options available to them. Because this area has a long history as a tourist destination, there is a vast network of transportation possibilities. For instance, train and coach travel are two popular alternatives to arriving by car. Visitors who live a bit farther away can opt to take a plane to Exeter International airport for their short break in Paignton. Once travellers reach Paignton, there are plenty of buses and taxis to help get them around the Torbay region, though some prefer to hire a car for personal use.

Holiday Accommodations in Paignton

Accommodations set the tone and pace for a short break. While some prefer the amenities offered by large luxury hotels, others like the privacy of a secluded vacation rental. Either way, plenty of lodging options are available to those who are interested in visiting Paignton for a sunny seaside retreat. The following chart lists and describes several types of holiday accommodations for visitors to consider.




Bed and Breakfast / Inn

Intimate accommodations in a friendly, cosy setting; fewer guest rooms than a hotel; personalised attention and home-cooked meals

Colin House

Paignton Commodore

Wentworth Guest House

Holiday Village / Park

Family-oriented accommodations in a country setting; numerous and varied amenities; offering campsites, caravans, and lodges for rent

Beverley Holidays

Whitehill Country Park

Hotel / Spa Resort

Large-scale multi-room guest accommodations; room size, sleeping capacity, and amenities depend on particular establishment

Palace Hotel

Cleve Court Hotel

Park Hotel

Self-Catered Flat / Cottage

Also known as a vacation rental; greater privacy and more space, all the comforts of home; perfect for families and other large groups

Cove Cottage

Sunnybeach Holiday Flats

Nightly and weekly rates tend to vary considerably. Savvy travellers can shop around for the best prices through brick-and-mortar and online travel agents, or marketplace websites like eBay. To get a great deal on a room or rental that currently seems out of their budget, frugal tourists can check back during the off-season when the rates are often much lower.

Packing Considerations for Short Breaks in Paignton

One of the benefits of a short break is that not much needs to be packed. Though some travellers never bring more than the bare necessities, there are also those who are inclined to bring too much. By thinking about the weather in Paignton and the activities they enjoy, visitors can decide which clothing and personal items they need to bring along. Since Paignton is located on the south coast of England, the climate is fairly mild throughout the year. Pleasant weather generally extends well into autumn before the brief winter months set in. Holiday casual wear is the norm, as are bathing suits on the beach, but it is wise to bring extra layers for short breaks outside of mid-summer. Also, a comfy pair of walking shoes never goes out of style, and they can help tourists see plenty of sights during a quick trip.

Popular Paignton Attractions and Activities

Aside from the stunning cliff walks and sweeping sandy beaches, the English Riviera is home to a number of unique, family-friendly tourist attractions. Regardless of the season, there is plenty to do in the snug coastal community of Paignton. Visitors frequently plan their short breaks around seasonal activities, which draw many spectators and participants to the area every year. Those who yearn for a quieter seaside holiday are better off scheduling their short break during the off season to avoid crowds.

Paignton Pier

One of Paignton's premier attractions, this large Pier is located in the heart of town, right on one of the most popular beaches along the English Riviera. Though it has evolved immensely since the grand opening in 1879, Paignton Pier still offers various family-oriented amusements and plenty of delicious food choices. Open year-round, visitors very much enjoy strolling along the open deck while taking in splendid views, playing carnival games, and feasting on treats like fresh fudge, ice cream, and seafood.

Paignton Zoo

Home to a number of rare and exotic creatures, the Paignton Zoo is another family favourite in the Torbay region. At this year-round attraction, visitors can get up close and personal with lions, rhinos, orangutans, and many more wild animals. In-park amenities like food vendors and play areas make the Paignton Zoo a one-stop location for all day amusement. A miniature train, nature trail, and free bird show are among the additional activities available to amuse guests.

Seasonal Events

Aside from the everyday sights and sounds to enjoy in Paignton, there are a number of annual events that draw large crowds to the Riviera. While planning a short holiday, knowledge of the major celebrations and competitions in the area is important, since they can greatly affect one's overall experience while visiting Paignton, as well as the availability and price of local accommodations. For example, here are a couple of happenings that occur annually in and around the town of Paignton.

Agatha Christie Festival

The annual Agatha Christie Festival is quite possibly the most popular annual occurrence one can attend in Torbay. Celebrating the life and career of the English Riviera's most illustrious author, fans are treated to murder mysteries galore, along with tours, theatre, and literary discussions that focus on her many well-loved books. While the majority of events take place in Christie's hometown of Torquay, tourists can opt to stay in Paignton to escape the hustle and bustle of the festival at the end of the day.

Paignton Regatta

Much more than just a boat race, the Paignton Regatta promises a lively carnival atmosphere and a week's worth of fun. Centred around Paignton Green, athletic events include everything from cricket to rowing. There are also amusement rides and games, as well as delicious fairground foods. Fireworks and traditional boating events top off this festive yearly event enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Plan Short Breaks in Paignton with Help from eBay

When making travel plans for a long weekend or a few days, eBay is a valuable resource for one-stop holiday shopping. Not only can you find fashionable luggage and the latest beach styles, you can also browse discount deals on a variety of accommodations in and around the Paignton area. To plan and shop for your short break to the English Riviera with eBay, simply choose keywords based on what you want to buy. For instance, look for " Devon houses" to take advantage of low prices on luxury holiday lodgings in the region, or try searching for a relevant product category like "women's swimwear" instead. No matter what you are looking to buy, the eBay search platform makes shopping a breeze.

Choose a Secure Payment Method

Whenever you find a great deal on eBay, check to see which payment methods are accepted by the seller. This information is always clearly noted on the listing page. Secure options like PayPal help you feel more confident about online purchases, and they provide a way to easily track past payments.


At any time of year, the English Riviera is a great place to spend a short break with friends or family. To make the most of a quick stay in Paignton, which is located on the western shores of Torbay, it is best to plan ahead and book accommodations in advance. This helps people avoid the frustration of finding that there are no vacancies upon their arrival, and also allows them to pick a place to stay that perfectly suits their personality. After taking a peek at the varied possibilities for a short stay in Torbay, many people choose Paignton for its low-key charm and pleasant atmosphere.

Those who prefer not to drive to Paignton can opt for an alternative mode of transportation, such as a coach, train, or plane, and local bus routes allow tourists to get around easily. Depending on personal preference and seasonal availability, guest accommodations range from self-catered rental flats to decadent five-star hotels. Along with a number of annual events celebrating local culture, there are plenty of year-round venues for visitors to enjoy as well. By browsing sites like eBay, shoppers can find a number of discounted lodging deals for short holiday stays in Paignton.

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