How to Plan a Short Break with Tipis

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How to Plan a Short Break with Tipis

For a unique alternative to a standard camping trip, try tipi camping. Staying in a tipi alongside a lake or inside a park area is a great way to make a simple, short camping trip a more memorable experience for everyone. Camping is a great way to enjoy exciting outdoor adventures while experiencing the peace and tranquility of nature. Tipi camping provides the same benefits as tent camping, with less effort and more modern comforts.

Plan a camping excursion with tipis for that next short break for a different life experience. Escape the turmoil and stress of everyday life by spending a few days and nights by the fireside in the company of loved ones. Planning a short break with tipis is easy with a bit of advanced preparation. After deciding dates and locations, travellers are ready to plan activities to fill the long, sunny days. Then, it is simply a matter a making of list of necessary items and journeying to the destination.

Benefits of Tipi Camping

Tipis, sometimes called teepees in Britain, provide a wonderful outdoor living experience for couples, families, and singles. The iconic cone-shape of a tipi creates a surprisingly large indoor space. Many tipi campgrounds decorate their tipis in Native American style, complete with lanterns and a chiminea, for an authentic feel.

Tipi camping is generally less expensive than caravan camping or renting a chalet. Though it is a bit costlier than tent camping, there is less preparation and work involved, since the tipi is already set up. Many even include modern conveniences, such as futons, a warming log fire, and a single burner stove. Most tipi campgrounds pride themselves on sustainability and respect for the environment, so outdoor enthusiasts can feel secure that their interaction with nature leaves no lasting effects.

Plan Ahead for a Tipi Holiday

Tipi campers need to do a bit of planning to make their short break enjoyable. Knowing what to expect is important for anyone trying tipi camping for the first time. Choosing dates and a location for a tipi camping trip requires some advanced planning.

What to Expect on a Short Break with Tipis

Most people are familiar with tipis through television and the media, but few have actually stayed in one. Tipi, a Sioux word for house, refers to a conical structure made from poles and covered with animal skin or heavy canvas. Most tipis have a fire bowl or fire pit for a warming log, and are therefore fitted with Ozans, an invention designed to keep out most of the rain while still allowing the smoke to escape. A small camping cooker, coir mat flooring, futon beds, and a cool box add convenience and comfort without seriously detracting from the authentic tipi experience.

Choose a Location for a Short Break with Tipis

Travellers can find hundreds of tipi camping sites all over the U.K. Tipi rentals are available everywhere from inside Cairngorms National Park in Scotland's Highlands all the way to the Channel Islands, so finding a location close enough to travel to on a short break should not be difficult. Numerous online guides and printed maps are available to help travellers find and choose a location nearby.

Select Dates for a Short Break with Tipis

The most important factor when planning a tipi holiday is selecting dates. Tipi camping is fast becoming a popular holiday, and with the short camping season, availability can be scarce. Many tipi sites book dates a year in advance, so early planning is crucial when it comes to getting the dates desired.

Consider Activities for a Short Break

Once a tipi location and dates are secure, it is time to check out activities and events in the area to make the most of the short break. Some tipi sites are in close proximity to small towns and villages, but most are in remote locations so campers can take full advantage of all the outdoors have to offer.


Many tipi campsites are located close to a body of water where guests can rent a canoe for an afternoon adventure. Canoeing is a relaxing activity that almost anyone can learn. Some tipi campsites allow fishing from a canoe, or sponsor overnight canoe camping trips. Advanced reservations are typically required, and can be made at the same time the tipi is reserved.


Since most tipi sites are located inside nature reserves or national forests, guests can find an abundance of trails for walking and hiking. Get out and experience the beauty of nature, whether along the shore of a lake or bay, or deep in the woods. Walking is good for the body and the mind, and campers of all ages and abilities can participate.


For the more adventurous, cycling is not only great exercise, it is also a great way to experience all that an area has to offer. Whether cycling down gentle forest trails, or along country lanes that lead to quaint villages, tipi campers can spend most of a day exploring the area around their campsite and still be back in time to cook dinner over an open fire. Campgrounds close to mountains offer ample opportunity for mountain biking. Check with the tipi campground for rules regarding bringing private bicycles or renting ones on site.


Make sure to bring a fishing licence along for a short break, as many tipi sites have lakes and rivers close by for fishing. Most sites require guests to bring their own poles, and reservations are necessary to ensure availability of spots. Permits may also be required, so travellers should check regulations prior to leaving home.

What to Bring for a Short Break with Tipis

Tipi campers need to bring a number of items along on their adventure, as stores are not always in close proximity and only the necessities are provided. Most tipis come equipped with crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment, futons, a table, a fire bowl and logs, gas burner, and lanterns or candles.

Travellers need to bring their own food supplies, enough to last the length of their stay. Also, guests need to bring along a supply of clothing, and ensure it is comfortable and practical for camping. Bedding, such as sleeping bags and pillows, may or may not be provided, so be sure to check when making the reservation. Personal items such as medications, deodourant, shampoo, first aid supplies, sunscreen, and insect repellent, need to be brought along. Towels and washing up liquid are other necessities, as is charcoal for a BBQ and matches or fire lighters.

Since weather can be unpredictable at times, all campers should bring a few rainy day activities in addition to the items named above. Also, any other necessities, such as items needed for a baby, should be brought along.

Reserve a Tipi on eBay

Travellers planning a short break with a tipi can take advantage of the user-friendly features and variety of listings on eBay. From booking a short break with a tipi inside a park or campground, to purchasing a tipi or the supplies needed for a camping excursion, eBay offers travellers one-stop shopping for all their camping and holiday needs.

eBay makes it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for, with simple navigation and an intuitive search feature. Consumers browse through the site to find what they need, or they can opt to do a fast keyword search using the search box found on every eBay page. With helpful features such as seller ratings and customer feedback, consumers can research a vendor before making a transaction.

Buying on eBay gives consumers access to competitive prices and a worldwide inventory. Paypal is the preferred method of payment for the majority of both buyers and sellers, and offers sellers a secure, convenient means of paying for an item. Many sellers offer free shipping on a number of items. Buyers purchasing large or extremely heavy items often search for items that offer free local pickup to save on shipping charges.


Spending a short break in a tipi with family, friends, or on a solitary excursion is a great way to get close to nature and experience the extraordinary gifts the land has to offer. Tipi camping combines old fashioned camping with the contemporary desire to be environmentally friendly and appreciate the rhythm of nature. Whether staying in a tipi on an island, in the Lake District, or tucked away in the hills of Scotland, tipi camping offers something for everyone. Couples can turn it into a romantic holiday, families can spend their summer break in a tipi, and older citizens can relive their youth in the outdoors. Groups small and large can enjoy the experience of tipi camping.

Planning a short break with a tipi requires a bit of forethought and preparation, but with a small time investment, campers are guaranteed a great experience. Choosing a location dates far enough in advance to ensure availability is key to experiencing this popular style of camping. Planning activities for the long, lazy days keeps the trip fun and exciting. Knowing what to expect and what amenities are included with the tipi helps campers decide what to bring and pack accordingly. Stay in a tipi on your next short break, and take in all Mother Nature has to offer.

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