How to Play COD

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How to Play COD

Call of Duty, or COD for short, is a popular third- and first-person shooter video game that allows you to enact both World War II and modern war scenes as well as imaginary battles. The games have exciting plots and provide a rush of adrenaline as you play. In order to get the most from your gaming experience, learn how to play COD as well as some helpful tricks.


Know the Controls

Whether you are playing Call of Duty on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, GameCube, or Wii, you first need to familiarise yourself with the controls, so you know which buttons to use in order to move your character and engage in battles. If you do not know the controls, the chances of winning are quite low. Study the game booklet carefully before rushing into the game. With time, you will memorise the controls, but at first, you do need to refer to the manual.


Watch for Weapons

As you move around in the game environment, you can pick up weapons. You have two standard pistols as well as space for two more weapons. When picking up a weapon from the ground, you may have to abandon one of your current weapons, so choose carefully and according to the surroundings and the properties of each weapon. In addition, keep your weapons loaded at all times so you are ready for confrontations.


Learn to Hide

The game offers sufficient cover for you to hide when spying. The landscapes often include buildings and other objects that can protect you from the enemy fire. As the bullets fly, move between solid objects. Moreover, you can also conceal your approach by using smoke grenades. They are handy if you are in an open area or tight spot with no additional cover. The enemy does not see you in the smoke, but remember that the enemy could also be moving around in the smoke, so it is not completely safe. However, using smoke grenades is a good way to make an entrance.


Aim Carefully

Do not waste your bullets by shooting them without aiming properly when playing any game from the Call of Duty collection. Stop for a moment and aim carefully at your enemy in order to have a better chance of scoring a hit. All in all, this shortens the time that you spend on each enemy and allows you to save bullets.

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