How to Prepare Music like Evanescence

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How to Prepare Music like Evanescence

You may be motivated as you listen to one of your Evanescence CDs to peruse their sheet music to create your own sound. You may even have samples of your own recorded. However, there are multiple steps to take before you have a professional-sounding compilation. To prepare music like Evanescence, consider their music, as well as industry standards.


Learn New Instruments and Ways to Write Music

Amy Lee, who is a trained pianist, added the harp to her repertoire in recent years. She said in an interview that sometimes in the process of writing music, the instrument you choose changes how you write music. Therefore, if you possess other musical talent, but aspire to play the piano and change the way you write songs, go with what inspires you, you can even start with Evanescence piano sheet music.


Quality Before Quantity

Evanescence choose not to let record labels rush them into putting out one album after the next with barely a few years in between. They believe that the quality of their work supersedes the number of albums they make. Therefore, whatever role you have in the music preparation process, rushing and creating sub-par material is not something they advise. The arrangement of your music is key to a great song and a great mix. If you have too many competing instrumental elements, your music can end up sounding cluttered. In addition, just because you have so many plug-in options available with music audio software like DAW, does not mean you need to use them all on every song. Less really is more.


Song Elements in a Musical Arrangement

Typically, a great song consists of four elements. These four elements can be any combination of Foundation, Rhythm, Pad, Lead, and Fills. The Foundation is the rhythm section and usually consists of bass, drums, guitar or keyboard, if they follow the same rhythm patterns. Rhythm is the instrument that plays a pattern opposite the Foundation section. Pads are the elements like strings, synths, organs and other sounds that create long lasting chords. Leads are the lead vocal or the solo instrument. Fills "fill in" the space around the lead, or respond to the lead. Any of these singular elements can exist as doubled, tripled, or quadrupled. They do not exist as a single instrument or track. You can maintain a good song arrangement when you keep in mind how many elements are in the mix and notice how they work together. A mix with more space, or time between notes, sounds bigger and fuller. Next time you listen an Evanescence album, or an Evanescence record on vinyl, see if you can discern which musical elements are working together at different times throughout a particular song.

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