How to Prevent Your Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt from Fading

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How to Prevent Your Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt from Fading

Ralph Lauren Polo shirts come in bold and bright colours that hold up over time and remain favourites season after season. These shirts offer a timeless looks for men, women, boys, and girls. The key to coordinating these shirts with a number of outfits throughout the seasons is proper washing. Read up on how to prevent your Ralph Lauren shirt from fading to get maximum use out of your favourite shirts.


Wash Within Days

Leaving dirty Ralph Lauren Polo shirts sitting around in a laundry pile for more than four or five days damages the material, as well as the colour. Never wear the shirt twice without washing and always wash soon after wearing. Washing helps remove body oils and residue from the shirt. The longer the shirt sits with oils and other impurities, the greater the chance of fading. Quick washing offers your shirt a longer life.

Sort the Laundry

Make sure to keep Ralph Lauren Polo shirts with like-colours, so the shades and dye do not bleed onto other cotton fabrics. This also prevents stains from other fabrics bleeding onto your Polo shirts. Keep all-white Polo shirts separate from other colours and wash them with your other light colours to ensure a white shirt stays perfectly white.


Catch Stains Quickly

Check each Ralph Lauren shirt for stains before putting it in the washing machine with detergent. Stain residue spreads throughout fabric, exacerbating fading. If you see stains, apply a stain remover in the form of a spray or stain stick immediately. Allow the stain remover to set for about an hour before placing the shirt in the washing machine, adding more detergent. If you apply the detergent before the one-hour mark, the stain may not come out, rendering the shirt faded and stained.


Use the Right Water Temperature

To keep white Ralph Lauren polo shirts clean and bright, wash them in a warm water cycle and add fabric softener. Darker colours need a cold water cycle or the dye can bleed and fade. For Polo shirts, fill the machine halfway with water first and then add the shirts for optimum results.


Prevent Shrinkage and Fading

Shrinkage also shortens the life of your Ralph Lauren shirt. When you dry your Polo shirt in a dryer, set the machine on a low tumble dry heat and remove the shirt from the dryer immediately, laying it flat to prevent wrinkling and pilling. For added laundering quality that requires a bit more work, hang your Ralph Lauren shirts to dry rather than allowing the machine to dry it. However, keep them out of harsh sunlight, as the sun's rays tend to fade shirts.

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