How to Promote Your Ebay Shop, Store, Items & Listings

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Listing Upgrades are a useful way of improving the performance of your listing by increasing traffic and sales. Some of the upgrades are free and some you will have to pay for. Dependng on your business, some of these upgrades will not be as useful as others. For example, if you are selling a cheap second hand bike in the UK, you will not want to pay the upgrade fee to have the item listed on Ebay USA or Canada. There are a lot of free image upgrades that you should take advantage of, such as supersize, which will enhance any listing.

Auction Style Listings are one of the most important tools to bring people into your shop. Your Ebay Shop will not get as many visitors if you don't have any Auction Listings. Pay attention to when you start and finish your Auctions, as some times of the week are better than others. We often have quite a few listings ending on Sunday afternoon. The length of Auctions is also very important, a general rule would be to have cheaper items on shorter Auctions and more expensive items on longer Auctions.

Creating an About Me Page is also very important, as it gives you a page that is accessable to everyone via a 'ME' icon next to your Ebay ID. On that page you can have text, images, links, items for sale, branding, special offers & whatever else you want to share wth the Ebay community and potential buyers. It also won't do your SEO any harm either.

Keywords are vital to the sucess of your Ebay Shop. You can edit the keywords which are connected with your Shop and Categories via the Manage My Shop link. You also want to include those keywords in your Shop Name and also anywhere that you have text in your Listings & Pages. Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo will index your pages based partly on your understanding of how to use keywords effectively.

Shop Marketing Tools are provided Free by Ebay, so make sure you use them. There are a selection of tools such as RSS Feeds, Subscription Emails & Cross Promotions, all of which WILL improve your sales.

Shop Traffic Reports are a useful way to examine how users are navigating your Shop and where they are coming from. For example, if you have a lot of viral videos on your youtube channel with links to your Ebay Shop, you can find out which videos are generating more visitors an make more videos with similar content.

Share your Shop using websites like Squidoo, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter & Youtube. These sites can help create a buzz about your Listings and also create a community that you can contact when you have new items in your Shop.

Create a Contact List of existing customers and make sure that they are aware of any new listings or offers that you have. When you ship an order, include a note reminding the customer to have a look at your Shop.

Reviews and Guides like this one are also effective ways to connect with more people via ebay and increase awareness of your Shop. At the same time you can help your fellow ebayers by reviewing items that you like (or don't like) and guiding people through almost any topic you have an interest in.

Your MyWorld Page is also a great place to give people an introduction to you and your business. Editing the page layout and colour scheme might seem like a bit of a waste of time, but paying attention to these kind of details makes a big difference.

Choosing Colours for your shop and listings is also very important. there are a lot of articles on the internet that will give you a better idea of which colours are going to work best for you.

Include your URL in emails, signatures, blogs, business cards, letterheads and anywhere else you can shove it. Don't by shy!

Sell Cool Products that People Want, or even better that People Need. This is rule #1, so follow it.

Good Luck!

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