How to Properly Care for Your Wig

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How to Properly Care for Your Wig

A wig is a great way to achieve a new hairstyle without having to sit for hours in the salon getting a new cut or having extensions put in. Some women wear wigs to protect damaged hair as it regrows. Whatever reason women opt to wear wigs, a natural-looking wig that fits comfortably is attractive and can help build a woman’s confidence. A big part of maintaining the appearance of a wig is properly caring for it on a regular basis. Just like real hair, the hair fibres on a wig get dirty and need to be restyled over time. By following proper care procedures for a wig, women can expect to get several years of life out of their wigs. The proper techniques for caring for a wig start with identifying the type of wig, washing, drying, and styling it, and freshening up its appearance between cleanings. To increase the lifespan of a wig, only tools and products designed for wigs should be used. Women who are looking for the supplies needed to care for a wig can shop eBay for a large selection of shampoos, conditioners, combs, and more.

Identify the Type of Wig

Before cleaning a wig it is important to identify the type. Wigs are available in several different colours, styles, and lengths, but are typically only available in two different types. Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are the two most common types of wigs. Because they are made from different types of fibres, they have slightly different care methods. Women who do not yet own a wig but are looking to purchase one should consider how each one is cared for prior to making a purchasing decision. While both types of wigs are very similar, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Human Hair Wigs

As the name suggests, human hair wigs are made from real human hair. For that reason, they have the most realistic look. Another advantage to these types of wigs is that the hair can be styled normally. Because they are made from human hair, they’ll react to products and curling irons just as natural hair would. Additionally, human hair wigs can be dyed to a new colour if desired. Human hair wigs are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but they are also extremely durable and will last longer. Other drawbacks to human hair wigs are that they are heavier and the colours can fade with UV exposure.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are constructed from manmade fibres that look like human hair. The quality of synthetic wigs is much better than it has been in the past, and often the difference between the two types is not obvious. One of the biggest advantages to a synthetic wig is that it is easier to maintain. The hairstyle is permanently set, so even after the wig is washed it will return to its original style upon drying. While synthetic wigs are less expensive, they are also less durable. Synthetic wigs can be damaged by heat and won’t hold up to constant wear as well as human hair wigs.

How to Care for a Wig

It is important to wash and care for a wig regularly to ensure that it has a clean and attractive appearance. Just as with real hair, wigs can get dirty, matted, and tangled when not cared for properly. Ideally wigs should be washed every two or three weeks, but the fewer cleanings they receive the longer they’ll last. The steps for cleaning wigs are the same for synthetic and human hair wigs.


The process for washing human hair and synthetic wigs is basically the same, but different products are needed. Only shampoos designed for use with synthetic wigs should be used on synthetic wigs. Using regular shampoo could damage the fibres of the wig. The differences between the wig shampoos is minimal, so shoppers don’t have to invest in expensive products. Less expensive wig shampoos do just as well.

Only cool water should be used when washing a wig because hot water loosens the construction of the wig and causes it to lose shape or fall apart. The sink is filled with about two litres of water and two capfuls of shampoo are added. The wig is submerged in the water and left to soak for at least one minute. If the wig is especially dirty, then it can be left to soak for up to five minutes. Unlike washing real hair, a person should not rub the wig to scrub it clean. The shampoo will do most of the work, so unless the wig has excess dirt and debris caked on it, no scrubbing is needed. Once the wig is done soaking, it is rinsed in cool water until all of the shampoo is removed.


Wigs should always be air dried. Immediately after removing the wig from water it is placed on a bath towel to absorb the excess water. It can either be laid flat on the bath towel overnight to dry or positioned on a wig stand for quicker drying. Wigs should never be twisted to remove excess water. This puts too much pressure on the hair and causes it to break. While the wig is drying, the strands can be straightened using fingers only. Brushes and combs will damage the hair if used while it is wet.


Applying conditioner to the wig makes it easier to comb once it is dry. People can either condition the hair as part of the washing process (human hair only) or as part of the drying process. In the washing process, conditioner is distributed evenly through the hair, then rinsed out. Spray-on conditioner that can be left in is applied to the wig as it is air drying. It can be distributed through the hair using the fingers.

Styling a Wig

Synthetic wigs are very easy to style. All that is needed is a brush or a comb to straighten the hair. In some instances, the wig just needs to be shaken out to return to its original style. Human hair wigs can be styled as needed. Curling tongs and hair straighteners work well to curl or straighten the hair to the desired style. As with synthetic wigs, human hair wigs should not be styled until they have completely dried.

How to Care for a Wig Between Cleanings

If the wig just needs a little bit of freshening up but is not quite ready for a full wash, then there are a few things that women can do to care for their wigs between cleanings. First, the tangles are removed using a wig brush or a wig comb. Baby powder is applied to the fibres of the wig and then the excess is removed with shaking. The baby powder removes the shine from the hair to give it a cleaner appearance. Rather than using products that can cause the fibres of the wig to look dirty, water can be sprayed on to remove frizz, volume, and also assist with restyling.

Tips for Increasing the Life of a Wig

Only clean a wig as often as needed and as sparingly as possible. This ensures that it will have a long life. There are several other steps and tips that a person can follow in order to increase the lifespan of a wig. If a high quality wig receives the proper care and maintenance, a woman can expect to get several years of wear from her wig.

Have an Extra Wig on Hand

It is a good idea to have an extra wig on hand. This is especially true since the process for washing and drying a wig takes several hours. Having an extra wig available means that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about being without a wig while one is being washed. Additionally, having two wigs can increase the lifespan since the wigs are being used half as much as one wig alone would be used.

Avoid Heat Sources

All types of heat sources should be avoided when wearing a synthetic wig. This includes more than just hair dryers and curling irons. Women should exercise caution around ovens, open flames, heaters, grills, and steam from boiling water. If the fibres from the synthetic wig come into contact with this heat, then they can suffer irreparable damage.

Only Use Hair Tools Designed for Wigs

Regular hair brushes and combs should not be used with synthetic or human hair wigs. It is natural for real hair to shed, and combs and brushes assist in removing this excess hair. Instead, wig combs and wig brushes gently remove tangles from the hair fibres without putting enough strain on the hair to break individual strands. These special combs and brushes often come with rubber tips on the ends of the teeth.

Keep Hair Clean

It is important for the wearer to keep their own hair clean underneath the wig in order to increase the lifespan of the wig. Dirt and oils from the scalp and hair are transferred to the underside of the wig while it is being worn and might cause the wig to need to be washed more frequently. To further protect the wig from dirt transfer from the scalp, a wig cap should be worn. Lastly, a wig should never be put on over wet hair since the excess moisture can damage the underside of the wig.

How to Buy Wig Supplies on eBay

You have to invest in wig shampoos and other care supplies in order to properly care for your wig. You can find all of the items that you need by shopping on eBay. Professional quality supplies for wig care are available on eBay for much lower than their retail prices. Additionally, you can find supplies that may not be carried in shops located in your town. After searching for and locating the products and tools that you need, you can buy them and have them shipped right to your home.

Searching for Wig Supplies on eBay

The easiest way to search for wig supplies on eBay is to use the search bar, which can be located on each page, to perform a basic keyword search for the items you’re looking for. If you’re looking for conditioner for your wig, type "wig conditioner" into the search bar to find all listings that match the description. Sort or refine the results to show only the listings that interest you. Rather than searching all of eBay, you also have the ability to search solely within a specific category for wig products. Be sure to read the description for each item to ensure that it works for your purposes.


Wigs are worn by all types of women to either try out a temporary look or to protect and regrow damaged hair. Wigs have come a long way over the years and are now very comfortable and also have a natural look and feel. Wearing a wig can boost a woman’s confidence, especially if she is unhappy with the look of her natural hair. The best way to ensure that this attractive look is maintained is for the wearer to care for her wig properly. Wigs have to be washed and restyled on a regular basis just like real hair. Otherwise they can become dirty, matted, and lose their lustre, texture, and volume. In order to care for a wig, the wearer will need to identify the type of wig she has. From here a woman is able to wash, dry, and style the wig as needed. Freshening up the appearance of the wig between washes helps to keep the wig looking clean with fewer washes. eBay is an online marketplace where women can find all of the tools and products needed to maintain their wigs.

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