How to Properly Fold a T-Shirt

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How to Properly Fold a T-Shirt

If a man is certain to have an article of clothing in his closet or dresser, it is a T-shirt.. This highly useful and universal item of clothing is a fixture in every man’s wardrobe, delivering an easy and comfortable way for a man to dress and layer. Taking care of those T-shirts can seem quite easy, but, truth be told, keeping T-shirts organised and folded neatly is not always as simple as it seems. As some men do not know the basics of folding a T-shirt, they may simply throw the shirts in a drawer. However, this is not an ideal practice as they can get wrinkled and become unwearable in short order. Getting to know some techniques for organising and folding T-shirts properly can be of great help to men. It is also helpful to be aware of how one can access T-shirts as well as folding accessories and organisers through the online auction site eBay..

A Note on Keeping T-Shirts in Good Condition

Most T-shirts do not need to be ironed if they are laundered correctly and then folded as soon as they come out of the dryer. T-shirts should be laundered or dried with a fabric softener to ensure that they come out of the dryer wrinkle-free after a tumble. Men should fold their T-shirts immediately once a drying cycle is over, simplifying the overall process and avoiding the need to iron T-shirts. If they are left to sit in the dryer, T-shirts may crease. Men should also make sure that T-shirts have dried completely, as slightly moist cotton can quickly gather creases if left to sit for too long.

Techniques for Folding T-Shirts

There are several easy techniques which a man can learn to keep his T-shirts folded and organised properly inside drawers. These range from basic techniques to more advanced and efficient techniques that can take some practice but can deliver big results in the end.

The Department Store Method for Folding T-Shirts

To fold a T-shirt using the department store method, a man can begin by placing his T-shirt down on a flat surface, such as a dining room table, with its back facing upward. The T-shirt should be smoothed out so that it is flat and even and not puckered in any way.

From there, one should fold each sleeve in onto the body of the T-shirt itself. Once both sleeves are folded in, the T-shirt should form a rectangle of sorts. Then, each side of the shirt should be folded in on the shirt once more so that the two sides meet exactly in the middle of the T-shirt’s body. This forms a narrower, even triangle. As the last step, the bottom of the shirt should be folded up so that the bottom hem is flush with the collar line of the shirt.

Benefits of the Department Store Technique

The department store technique is easy to follow, and men may be somewhat familiar with it from visits to a store, making this method easy to learn. The even rectangle created by the department store technique allows men to stack T-shirts neatly in a drawer, one on top of the other.

The Japanese Method for Folding T-Shirts

This technique is a more advanced method for folding a shirt, but once learned, it can make folding T-shirts a very fast and efficient process.

Step One: Lay a T-shirt flat on a surface, with the front side of the T-shirt facing upward. The collar part of the T-shirt should be placed to the right, and all the creases should be smoothed out of the T-shirt.

Step Two: With one’s the right hand, pinch the shirt at the shoulder at the centre point between the far sleeve and the collar. The left hand should pinch the T-shirt halfway down the tee in a parallel line with the other hand.

Step Three: Raise the right hand with the pinched section of the T-shirt located between the sleeve and the collar, and carry this section over the left hand to meet the bottom hem of the tee. The right hand should then grasp the bottom hem along with the original section it is holding.

Step Four: Then lift the shirt off of the work surface and uncross the arms, pulling the new fold that is created tightly.

Step Five: Once folded in the air, one sleeve will be draping down. This sleeve should be placed carefully onto the work surface with the rest of the T-shirt folded over it.

Benefits of the Japanese Method for Folding T-Shirts

While seemingly more complicated, the Japanese Method is actually quite simple and rapid once learned. Men who utilise this technique can reduce the folding time involved with their T-shirts.

The Rolling Method for Folding T-Shirts

The rolling method is the simplest way for a man to fold a T-shirt. This method begins like the department store fold with the T-shirt laid flat on a surface, with the back facing upward. The sleeves and sides of the T-shirt are folded in as in the department store method. From there, instead of folding the bottom up onto the body of the T-shirt, one can roll the bottom hem up toward the collar, creating a small rolled bundle.

Benefits of the Rolling Method of Folding T-Shirts

The rolling method is very easy for men to use. It also prevents a T-shirt from getting a crease at the middle of the torso as the other folding techniques might. Rolled T-shirts are also quite easy to organise in a drawer.

Useful T-Shirt Folding and Organising Accessories

There are various products on the market that can aid a man in folding his T-shirts, and they also help him keep his T-shirt drawer in order. Devices known as flip folders or folding boards can offer basic mechanical assistance to a man, giving him an easy way to streamline his folding process. These devices are large plastic boards with various folding pieces. One may place a T-shirt onto the folding board and use the flip and fold elements to create a perfect fold.

Drawer organisers and dividers are another way in which men can keep their T-shirts in tip-top condition. Drawer organisers divide the open space of a drawer into smaller sections, keeping each T-shirt or stack of T-shirts separate from the rest and in order.

Shopping for T-Shirts and T-Shirt Accessories

T-shirts can be found to a large extent via both traditional vendors and non-traditional vendors, such as an online retailer. T-shirt folders and drawer organisers may be found to a limited extent in the mainstream retail world. T-shirt drawer organisers can be purchased from stores that sell household goods. Online, an auction site such as eBay offers a comprehensive resource that men can access for T-shirts as well as organisers and T-shirt folders.

Buying T-Shirts and T-Shirt Accessories on eBay

Finding and purchasing T-shirts and T-shirt accessories on eBay begins with the simple step of running a basic search. You can find a search bar at any page on the site. All you need to do is enter a general search term and hit enter to pull up listings associated with an item. You can run a search for items such as "drawer organiser&" or "T-shirt folding board&" and quickly access any number of listings for these items. The site itself can also make useful related search suggestions that can get you closer to the item you are looking for, so utilise these if you want more options to explore.

When shopping on eBay, it can be of great value to take the time to evaluate the sellers who carry items you are interested in purchasing. You can do this by reviewing their past auctions and getting a sense of their track record. You can look at the feedback a seller has received from previous customers. These proactive steps can help ensure that you receive the very item you are looking for in a timely and efficient manner.


Tending to laundry and taking care of T-shirts does not need to be a complicated process for a man. By simply learning a few useful techniques and taking the step of folding his T-shirts as soon as they are done drying, any man can become a seasoned expert in tending to these useful articles of clothing. Men may also utilise clever devices for help in folding and organising their tees, such as folding boards and drawer organisers. While some traditional retailers may help to a limited extent in obtaining these items, one can find an easier way to purchase T-shirts and T-shirt accessories via an online auction site such as eBay. This website gathers multiple vendors in one consolidated location and provides easy access to items as obscure as T-shirt folders. By running a search, reviewing the quality of a seller, and making his purchase on eBay, a man can be on his way to a better organised closet as well as a neater wardrobe.

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