How to Properly Iron Trousers

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How to Properly Iron Trousers

It is not unusual in the present day to find a man who needs to keep a house on his own. Tricks of the trade such as the proper way of ironing a pair of trousers may not be in a man’s lexicon; nonetheless, trousers are expected to look polished for work and show up at functions looking clean. This can be a tall order of business for a man with little or no experience performing household chores.

However, this challenge may be overcome by understanding the basics of ironing, including the supplies needed for ironing trousers. Ironing a pair of trousers is a step-by-step process in which one must consider the material that the trousers are made of as well the ideal temperature setting of the iron that can provide the results that one is looking for. A comprehensive resource such as the online auction site eBay can help enormously in the process by helping a man equip himself with both trousers and the necessary ironing supplies.

The Necessary Supplies for Ironing Trousers

In addition to a great iron, one needs supplies that can go a long way in ensuring a clean press for men’s trousers. Understanding the role that each of the supplies plays in the process can help a man obtain the look he is aiming for when ironing a pair of trousers.

A Clean Iron

Some irons may rust and stain over time. Especially in a bachelor’s home, an iron can very well be neglected and left to accumulate minerals and rust that can ruin a pair of high quality trousers. An iron that has developed rust and mineral deposits is likely to stain any pair of trousers, especially ones made of linen. When properly ironing a shirt, it is important for men to make sure that the ironing surface of the device is clean and free of rust. One should consider replacing the iron with a newer model if the iron cannot be cleared of stains.

A Spray Bottle for Water

A spray bottle is needed to lightly mist the material of the trousers and make it more amenable to pressing. These basic bottles can be found at various retailers, including local retailers as well as the online auction site, eBay. The water used in a spray bottle should be distilled water. Water from a sink tap can be heavy in minerals and other elements that can not only stain the material of the trousers but also create destructive build-up in an iron over time.

An Ironing Board

While many men might prefer to cheat and use any available surface, an ironing board presents a surface that is ergonomically efficient. Ironing boards sit at an ideal height and also come with a slightly padded surface that allows the material of the trousers to respond more dynamically to the pressing of the iron. A full-length ironing board is recommended for pressing trousers so that the pants can be stretched on the length of the board.


Spray starch is not necessary, but it is a good option for men who prefer to keep an extra-stiff crease in their trousers. Starch can be purchased in an easy spray bottle designed for misting.

Pressing vs. Ironing a Pair of Trousers

Before beginning the process of ironing a pair of trousers, it is helpful for men to understand that ironing a pair of trousers is actually a process of "pressing" instead. That is to say, the focus should not be in running the iron back and forth to force the material straight, but rather on pressing into the material and letting the steam and gentle pressure straighten the material. The iron should be placed lightly on each section of material, lifted, and then placed on the next section of the trousers.

Step-by-Step Ironing Guide for Trousers

Being knowledgeable about each of the steps involved in ironing trousers can help a man ensure that he achieves the right look through his efforts. For best results, he must obtain the necessary supplies for ironing before beginning the process of ironing.

Step One - Assessing the Material of the Trousers

A pair of trousers should have an inner label that lists the type of material used in the garment. This information is critical when setting the heat on an iron. The label may list an ideal temperature for pressing the trousers, or an iron may have a list of appropriate temperatures for each type of material. It is particularly important for men to get this first step right, as the wrong temperature can scald or ruin a pair of trousers. Irons have settings that correspond to various temperatures and are usually marked as either low, medium, and high, or demarcated with stars. The chart below shows some of the average temperature recommendations for each type of material.



Marking on Iron


180-220 °C

* * * / High

Linen or Flax

215-240 °C

* * * / High

Viscose or Rayon

150-180 °C

* * / Medium


160-170 °C

* * / Medium



* / Low


140-165 °C

* / Low

It is also important to note that the chart is based on general recommendations. When in doubt, confirm the ironing temperature with the manufacturer or retailer. In general, synthetics of any kind should be ironed at a lower setting, cotton blends at a medium setting, and 100 percent cotton and linen at a high temperature.

Step Two - Placing the Trousers on the Ironing Board

With casual trousers, consider turning them inside out before ironing. This can help guarantee that if damage to the material occurs, it cannot be seen by the casual observer. For dress trousers with crease or pleats, the pants need to be ironed on the outside. The trousers should be placed in either arrangement across the entire length of the board.

Finding the Crease in Trousers

If a crease has fallen out of a pair of trousers, there is a simple way to find the crease and press it back into place. Place the trousers on the ironing board and line up the seams. The natural crease is at the farthest edge of the material from the seams.

Step Three - Checking the Settings on the Iron

Before beginning to iron, double-check the heat settings on the iron. Also make sure that there is adequate water inside the iron to create a good steam and that the iron is set to steam. Again, remember that trousers should be pressed instead of ironed, and this requires a good deal of steam.

Once the iron is set, test a small spot on the trousers to confirm that the iron is at the proper setting and cannot scald the material.

Step Four - Pressing the Pants

Taking the iron in hand and with the trousers laid out in a straight line on the board, one can begin gently pressing the iron into the pants section by section. The steam on the iron may require the pushing of a button, while other irons may just steam automatically. Remember to not press too hard and to not leave the iron in one spot for too long.

Working his way up the pant leg, press the entire length of the trousers, paying special mind to any crease. Creases should only be pressed up to about 15 cm below the waist; pleats should be pressed the entire length of the pleat. If an individual wants to use starch to enhance and stiffen a crease, he can do so by misting the pants lightly with the solution before he presses each section. The spray bottle of water may be used at this point to enhance the steaming of the iron and address particularly stubborn spots that do not want to iron out.

Step Five - Letting the Trousers Dry

Since pressing trousers is a matter of steaming them, it is important to let them dry after the fact. Putting on a pair of trousers immediately after pressing may cause the trousers to wrinkle again and lose their crease. Creased pants specifically should be left to set for at least an hour after pressing, while regular trousers can be worn as soon as they dry.

Buying Supplies to Iron Trousers

Finding and purchasing the right supplies for ironing can be an easy process when done correctly. Offline retailers that specialise in household goods can have a range of selections, but one may need to go to several stores to acquire everything necessary. eBay attempts to simplify this process by offering a consolidated approach to buying ironing supplies online.

Buying Ironing Supplies on eBay

Ironing supplies on eBay can be found by running a basic search using the search bar located on any page on the site. Buyers can enter general terms such as "ironing supplies" or more specific criteria such as "steam iron" or "Morphy Richards iron". The site also offers automated search suggestions when a search is executed, and this can help expand a search. Another option is to use the website’s advanced search option through which one may narrow down a search using parameters such as price range, top-rated sellers, and the location of seller.

When shopping on eBay for any item, it is important to take the time to get to know the sellers you want to buy from. You can do this by looking through their past auctions and also by reviewing their past feedback from other customers. This helps you get a better sense of the seller’s practices and helps ensure that you receive the supplies for ironing your trousers at the right time.


Men who live on their own do not need to be intimidated by household tasks such as pressing a pair of trousers. By understanding the steps involved in ironing trousers and purchasing the right supplies, any man can quickly and efficiently iron his trousers for work or an evening on the town. The material of the trousers and the heat setting of the iron are the two main factors that must be taken into consideration. The online auction site, eBay, offers one of the more consolidated solutions for purchasing household and ironing supplies. Men shopping on eBay can find and buy everything they need for ironing trousers in one fell swoop, saving time. By searching through the website’s numerous listings and researching the track record of particular sellers, any man can leverage the power of eBay to get his home stocked and ready to handle the process of pressing trousers.

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