How to Properly Maintain Your Jeep

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How to Properly Maintain Your Jeep

Keeping your Jeep in good condition is necessary if you plan on keeping it for an extended period of time. It is important to maintain proper upkeep when owning a vehicle, which can oftentimes prevent issues that might have occurred otherwise. Some of the items you need to maintain your Jeep may vary depending on the type of Jeep you have. For example, you generally need a special cleaner for your Jeep if you have a soft top model that you would not need if you own a hard top Jeep.

When you are deciding on a schedule to follow to perform proper maintenance on your Jeep, it is recommended to check the owner's manual for maintenance information. There are some slight differences in the recommended maintenance schedule for each type of Jeep, so be sure to follow the suggestions given for the exact make and model that you own. To properly maintain your Jeep, it is important to perform regular oil changes, rotate the tyres, tune up the engine, and clean the exterior and interior of the car on a regular basis.

Perform Regular Oil Changes

Oil changes on your Jeep should generally be done every 5,000 kilometres, or once every six months. If it has been six months since the last oil change but the Jeep has not been driven 5,000 kilometres, you should still do the oil change. This is because oil can break down after a period of time, especially as the temperature and weather of the seasons change from month to month.

As you drive your Jeep, oil runs through the engine to keep the parts lubricated and protected. With each revolution of the engine, the oil heats up and begins to break down in composition. Between the breakdown of oil and the deposits circulating through the engine that are captured by the oil, the oil has a limited life. Changing the oil in your Jeep on a consistent basis ensures the oil circulating throughout the vehicle is clean and causing other parts to function properly as well.

How to Change the Oil in a Jeep

When you perform an oil change, you need the appropriate type of oil for your Jeep. To find this, you can consult your owner's manual for the correct oil information. You also need an oil filter, an oil filter wrench, a drain pan, a funnel, a jack, and wheel chocks. If you have to jack your Jeep up, place a drain pan under the drain plug, remove the oil pan drain plug, and allow the oil to drain. When the oil is drained, remove the oil filter. Insert the new oil filter, replace the oil pan drain plug, and use a funnel to help pour oil into the oil fill spout that is located on the engine.

Rotate the Tyres

Taking care of the tyres on your Jeep is very important because without good tyres, your Jeep is not able to properly grip the surface of the road. One of the best ways to ensure proper wear on your tyres is to rotate them often. It is often recommended to rotate the tires each time you do an oil change on your Jeep. To rotate the tires, you need either a full-vehicle lift or a jack and your spare tyre.

Original Tyre Placement

Rotated Placement

Front passenger

Rear passenger

Front driver

Rear driver

Rear passenger

Front driver

Rear driver

Front passenger

When rotating the tires, you need to jack up one tyre on your Jeep and replace it with the spare tyre. You then lower the vehicle and move to the spot where the tyre you took off will go. You then remove that tyre, and replace it with the tyre you removed from the previous location. Continue that cycle until all four tyres have been moved.

Tune Up the Engine

The engine tune up is the most labour-intensive maintenance requirement that you need to perform on your Jeep. When you tune up the engine, you are going to replace the spark plugs,, change the spark plug wires, check the engine for issues such as blown head gaskets, replace the air filter,, change radiator fluid, and clean the battery posts. All of the items you need for a tune up are vehicle specific, so make sure you get parts that are compatible with your Jeep's particular make and model. A good set of automotive tools that includes a spark plug puller is necessary to get the tune up done. You also need a good jack and wheel chocks, since you need to drain and replace the radiator fluid. A large bucket is also helpful to capture the radiator fluid you drain.

Transmission Fluid

You may find that you need to change the transmission fluid with a tune up. For most Jeep models, this is required every 70,000 kilometres. This is a job similar to changing the radiator fluid, but you also need to purchase a transmission filter to get the job done.

Clean the Exterior

When you clean your Jeep, you need to make sure that you choose cleaning products suitable for the surface you are cleaning. Special cleaners are needed for soft-top Jeep models, while you can use regular vehicle wash for the painted surfaces on the exterior of your Jeep. Tyre cleaner and rim cleaner are both necessary for your wheels. It is important to make sure that the rim cleaner used is made for the metal the tyre rims are made out of. You do not want to use aluminium cleaner on chrome unless the product specifically says it is suitable for either type of material. Glass cleaner should be used on the windows and windshield of the Jeep. Once the vehicle has been washed, it is recommended to wipe down the Jeep so no water spots appear once the water has dried.

Clean the Interior

There are several cleaning products you can use to clean the interior of your Jeep. Vacuuming the interior of your Jeep is one of the most basic forms of maintenance for your vehicle. Use a vacuum that can attach crevasse tools to it, which allows you to reach all the tight spaces within the Jeep such as vents and seat creases. If you have leather in your Jeep, it is recommended to use a leather cleaner that provides protection against UV rays. This helps to ensure that the leather will stay in good shape for a long period of time. A vinyl cleaner can be used to wipe off the dash and other vinyl components in the interior.

For a more in-depth cleaning, you can shampoo the upholstery and carpeting in your Jeep as well. There are specialty cleaners made for vehicles that can help to remove troublesome spots. Most of these have brushes attached to the can that you can use to scrub the spot if necessary.

How to Buy Jeep Maintenance Supplies on eBay

You can find what you need to maintain your Jeep on eBay Motors.. If you want to see wide range of available products to maintain your Jeep, you can perform a broad keyword search to yield a high number of search results. For example, search for "car cleaning products&" and you can see a number of different product options available for purchase.

There are some items, such as brakes, tyres, and spark plugs that are made for specific Jeep vehicles. For these parts, you should perform a keyword search for the specific items that are going to fit in your Jeep. Make sure that you enter the appropriate year, make, model, and submodel for your vehicle so you can ensure you get the right part. For example, type "2010 Jeep Cherokee spark plugs&" into the search box to see only the right spark plugs available for the make and model of the vehicle you own. You can refine the search for these parts on eBay or you can contact the eBay seller directly to determine if a part is going to fit your Jeep.


The best way to ensure your Jeep operates well for a long period of time is to perform preventative maintenance at regular intervals. From rotating the tyres and changing the oil to keeping the interior and exterior of your Jeep clean, taking the time to do the work now can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Many of these preventative maintenance suggestions can be done easily at home as long as you have the necessary equipment to get the work done.

As you do the maintenance on your Jeep, make sure that you keep a record of what was done so that you can refer to it later if necessary. Should you ever decide to sell your Jeep on eBay, you can offer those records to the buyer to show that you have cared for the vehicle properly. All of these preventative maintenance suggestions can help to keep your Jeep in the best working order possible.

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