How to Properly Maintain Your Land Rover

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How to Properly Maintain Your Land Rover

Land Rover is a British car company that specialises in luxury SUVs. These vehicles are comfortable on the inside while being rugged on the outside. People purchase Land Rovers for normal day-to-day driving as well as rough off-road excursions. In order to get the most out of this coveted vehicle, Land Rover owners need to maintain their Land Rovers properly. A lot goes into the maintenance of a Land Rover, and owners should be prepared to stay on top of the upkeep to ensure that their vehicles runs properly every day. Land Rover owners should always refer to the owner's manual for maintenance specifics for their particular vehicles, but in general, there are several essential tasks to keep in mind when maintaining a Land Rover. Because parts for a Land Rover can be expensive when compared to other SUVs, owners often need to shop around for the best prices. Fortunately, shoppers can save time and money by searching for and buying what they need on eBay..

Change the Oil Regularly

One of the easiest ways to ensure that a Land Rover stays in proper running condition is to change the oil on a regular basis. Generally, the oil in a Land Rover should be changed every 3,000 miles, or 4,800 kilometres; however, owners should refer to their owner's manuals for the specific mileage for the model they own. The oil is necessary for lubrication of the parts and gears within the engine. As the car runs, the oil is pulled through the engine and the high heat causes it to break down. In order to ensure proper lubrication, it is important that the oil is changed regularly. Good oil should be brown and clean in appearance. Used oil has a black and thick appearance.

Oil Filter

The oil filter helps to increase the lifespan of the oil in an engine. All of the oil in the engine passes through the oil filter where pieces of metal and other debris are removed before the oil circulates back into the engine. The oil filter is full of dirty oil by the time an oil change is required. To ensure that the oil stays as clean as possible, it is important to change the oil filter on a Land Rover each time the oil is changed.

Air Filter

Another part that should be checked and changed on a Land Rover at each oil change is the air filter.. The air filter functions to filter out any particles or debris from the air as air is being pulled into the engine. If the Land Rover is taken on dusty roads or off-road in the mud, it does not take long for the air filter to become clogged. A dirty air filter can greatly reduce the efficiency and performance of the engine. Fortunately, these parts are fairly inexpensive, with the most common air filter being made from paper.

Check the Sensors

Land Rovers are equipped with several sensors throughout the vehicle. These sensors monitor the condition of different components within the SUV, and when something needs attention or needs to be repaired, a light in the dashboard lights up. A driver should be sure to keep an eye on these sensors and address any issues as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the vehicle. The sensors are meant to alert the driver if the tyre pressure is low, power steering is experiencing problems, petrol is low, and more depending on the model. Be sure to check the sensors at each oil change to make sure that they are functioning properly. It is possible for the light to burn out due to a faulty fuse.. Not being alerted to the issue due to a broken sensor could result in a Land Rover breaking down and requiring more expensive repairs down the line.

Flush the Transmission

The transmission is one of the most important parts of a Land Rover or any other car. This is the part that takes the power from the motor and transfers it to the wheels so that the car can move forward or backward. As with oil in the engine, the transmission has fluid to lubricate the interior components and reduce friction. And like oil, this fluid begins to break down over time. Typically, a transmission on a Land Rover should be flushed every 30,000 miles, or 48,000 kilometres. It is important to take the Land Rover to a mechanic for this, as flushing the transmission requires special tools and knowledge to avoid damaging the vehicle.

Evaluate Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Many people with Land Rovers like to take them on trips and off-road adventures. These people spend a lot of time in their SUVs, and want to be comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are. In order to do this, the air conditioning and heating systems should be functioning properly. It is common for these two systems to malfunction in Land Rovers, especially in older models. One of the biggest problems associated with the cooling and heating systems is the thermostat. When the thermostat fails, the Land Rover is unable to regulate the temperature. An owner should be sure to check this part to ensure that it is working properly before heading out on an excursion.

Replace Parts Regularly

It is important to replace parts on a Land Rover before they fail completely. As parts start to wear out, they put strain on other parts in the car. By the time they fail completely, they may have already damaged other components. Thus, it is important to monitor and replace parts before that happens. The battery,, alternator,, and fuel pump are a few examples of parts that should be replaced. The alternator and the fuel pump usually last for about 100,000 miles before it is time to replace them. The time that a battery lasts depends on the type of battery and temperature conditions. The lifespan on a battery is usually between three and five years.

Check the Tyres

The tyres are important for both the performance and appearance of a Land Rover. Owners should be sure to check the tyre pressure regularly and add air as needed to maintain proper pressure. This ensures vehicle efficiency. Tyres that are over-inflated or under-inflated can adversely affect the the fuel economy of the Land Rover and make it difficult to drive  rough terrain. In addition to tyre pressure, the owner should be sure that the right type of tyres is installed on the Land Rover. Manufacturers design tyres to have different properties to suit specific types of driving, road, and terrain. The three main types of tyres installed on Land Rovers are described in the table below.

Type of Tyres



Comfortable and quiet tyres designed for driving on paved roads in all weather conditions; least expensive type of tyres


Provide superior traction for off-road driving; larger tread and more durable to handle the rough terrain


Tyres designed to handle temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius and below in the winter; not ideal for driving in warmer months

When shopping for tyres, Land Rover owners should evaluate the type of driving they do as well as the conditions they live in. People who drive their Land Rovers on a daily basis for commuting do best with touring or passenger tyres designed for road driving. Mud and winter tyres are both specialty tyres and should be considered for driving on rough terrain or cold roads.

Wash the Land Rover

The exterior of the car should be washed on a regular basis. Washing the Land Rover not only makes it look nice, but it also ensures that the paint is protected from damage due to sticking dirt and debris. Depending on the colour and type of paint on the Land Rover, leaving mud or other substances on the paint could cause stains. Owners should wash their Land Rovers every two to three weeks and every time the vehicle is covered in mud, bird droppings, or salt. These substances can damage the paint and should be cleaned off as soon as possible.

How to Buy Land Rover Maintenance Supplies on eBay

It takes a lot to maintain a Land Rover. However, you can find everything that you need on eBay to save time and money on the necessary supplies and the parts. This large online marketplace offers a large selection of new and used Land Rover parts in one convenient location. Additionally, you can find low prices on several parts and better deals that you might find at other retailers.

Search for Land Rover Parts

You must know how to use all of the search functions in order to find the best deals on eBay. Begin your search for Land Rover parts by performing a basic search. Use keywords to describe the parts that you need and enter them into the search box. Click search, and once the initial results are returned, select different categories and preferences to narrow down the listings to those that match what you are looking for. You can specify the type of Land Rover you have, part placement, price range, condition, and more. Once you have a smaller number of listings to go through, begin reading the item descriptions and make your selection.


A Land Rover is a British-made SUV. Land Rover focuses solely on a line of luxury SUVs suitable for all terrains. They are tough enough to handle rugged off-road terrain, but comfortable enough to be driven on a daily basis to work and for other activities. People invest a lot of money in the purchase of a Land Rover, which is why they like to ensure that their vehicles are properly maintained.

Land Rover owners should not just drive their SUV until they experience a problem. Instead, they should be proactive and take the necessary steps to make sure that no minor problems get worse. A lot of time and money can go into properly maintaining a Land Rover, so it is a good idea for car shopper to know what to expect before purchasing a Land Rover. Those who already own these cars should be sure to read the owner's manual for specific information regarding their vehicles, as well as following the general guidelines for maintaining the Land Rover. To save time and money on the maintenance of these vehicles, shoppers can find great deals on everything they need on eBay..

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