How to Properly Preserve Predator Collectables

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Predator collectables encompass everything from comics to models and movie memorabilia. For Predator or Alien enthusiasts, their collectables are very important, but a lack of proper care can ruin these items. Therefore, learning how to properly preserve your Predator collectables ensures you have a long lasting collection that retains its value and its aesthetic appeal.


Keep Your Predator Collectables Out of Strong Light

Whatever Alien vs. Predator collectables you have, one of the keys to proper preservation is to keep them out of strong light. This includes both ultraviolet light and artificial light. Strong light, including ultraviolet rays, causes Predator collectables to fade, whether model kits, comics, or ready made models. Fluorescent lighting causes irrevocable damage to some types of synthetic materials, most noticeably vinyl. The light turns the vinyl yellow or green, destroying the aesthetic appeal and the value of the collectable. Additionally, keep your Predator collectables away from any light source, because the excess thermal energy can cause serious heat damage, making models bend, flex, and melt, and discolouring or even setting fire to posters and comics.


Handle Your Predator Collectables with Care

For collectable Predator comics, make sure you turn pages carefully, and avoid turning the corners or dog earring them. Before touching any collectibles, always wash and dry your hands thoroughly, as for models, the oils in your skin cause fading, pitting, and damage over time. For comics and posters, the oils and environmental pollutants on your skin can not only damage the paper, but can attract insects that wreak havoc on comic paper. Never fold comic books back on themselves, as this can eventually cause rips and tears. With collectable Predator models, be gentle with them, as they have small parts that are easy to break. For Predator masks, if you wear the mask and it gets hot and sweaty, this can eventually cause damage, so before storing the mask, wipe it down thoroughly and then put a light coating of talc inside. Additionally, help collectible masks maintain their shape by stuffing them with cotton fibre or toy stuffing.


Keep Your Predator Collectibles Away from Damp and Extreme Temperatures

With all collectables, avoid damp at all costs. Whether you collect comics, DVDs, or models, exposure to damp can quickly destroy a collection, ruining the packaging, sticking pages together, and causing mould and mildew build-up on any type of collectables. Extreme heat burns or melts almost any collectable, while extreme cold makes some collectables brittle and dries out other types, which is known as freeze drying. Ideally, maintain a constant temperature for your collectables.

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