How to Properly Put on a Wig

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How to Properly Put on a Wig

Wearing a wig is a simple way to change one’s hairstyle without having to spend hours in the salon getting a new cut or dye job. Quality wigs are crafted to look like real hair, and some even use real hair. Though the wig already looks like real hair, there is more to wearing a wig than just throwing it on top of the person’s head. In order to create a natural look, the wig has to be placed securely and evenly on the wearer’s head to hide the scalp. This seamless look makes the wearer feel comfortable and confident in their new look. Once in place, the wearer has the ability to style the hair in any way they choose.

The process for putting on a wig starts by preparing the person’s original hair and securing it as closely to the scalp as possible. Headbands and wig caps are used to make sure that the hair is hidden well beneath the wig. The wig is carefully stretched over the scalp so that it is straight and natural looking. For the best look, the shopper should make sure the wig is the proper size for her head. Whether looking for a new wig or accessories for wearing a wig, shoppers will find a huge selection of styles and sizes by shopping online at sites like eBay.

Preparing the Hair

The first step to properly putting on a wig is preparing the hair. Loose hair will cause the wig to sit high on the head, creating an unnatural look. Also, loose hair might stick out from underneath the wig. The overall goal of wearing a wig is to create a new look without having to permanently change the length or texture of the wearer’s own hair. The methods for preparing short and long hair differ.

Long Hair

Long and thick hair can be hard to conceal under a wig because it can create a bulge. To prevent this, a woman first divides her hair into two separate pieces with a part down the middle of the scalp. Each piece is twisted tightly, crossed behind the head, and then clipped to the top of the head. This evenly spreads the hair over the head so that it is not bunched in one place behind the head. Braiding each section of hair creates a more secure hold.

Short Hair

Short hair is a bit easier to conceal under the wig since there is less to hide. It can be tricky if the hair is too short to tie up or clip though. Shoulder-length hair is combed out and clipped to the crown of the head. It can also be pulled back into a bun at the base of the head if it is not too thick. Hair that is much shorter than this can usually be tucked under a wig cap with no additional preparation needed. Instructions for putting on a wig cap can be found in the next section.


A short fringe is usually tucked into the wig cap since it is too short to tie back. Women who have longer fringes should clip the hair to the sides for added security and to prevent their fringes from falling out from under their wigs. Any extra hair or fringe can be concealed with a headband. An elastic headband holds the hair firmly against the head with little to no movement.

Putting on a Wig Cap

A wig cap is a thin and stretchy cap that holds the hair in place and smooths out the hair to create an even surface. The wig can be clipped to the wig cap to hold it in place. When putting on a wig cap the process should move from front to back. The wearer positions the wig cap on the forehead and slowly stretches it across the top of the head to the base. Each side is placed behind the ears. Once the cap is in position and smoothed out, the extra strands of hair are tucked under the edges. The wig cap can be pinned to the hair to prevent it from sliding, if needed.

How to Make a Wig Cap

Wig caps are usually purchased on their own, but they can easily be made in a pinch. The only materials needed to make a wig cap are a pair of pantyhose, scissors, rubber band, and a needle and thread. To get started, the pantyhose are put on over the head until the leg section stretches over the hair. The rubber band is used to separate this part for the loose parts of the legs which are then cut away with the scissors. The rubber band is removed and the opening is sewn shut with a needle and thread. In just a few minutes a woman is able to create a wig cap to wear underneath a wig.

Putting the Wig On

Once the hair is in place and secure, the most time consuming part of putting on a wig is over. Before placing the wig on the head, the wearer looks inside the wig and differentiates between the front and the back of the wig. The label of the wig always goes in the back. Just as with the wig cap, the process starts at the front of the head and moves down toward the neck.

The wig is positioned on the forehead and the part is lined up with the centre of the head. The rest of the wig is stretched over the head all the way to the back. Each side is inspected to ensure that the wig touches both temples and is evenly aligned on the head. The sides should not be covering the ears, and should instead be sitting behind them.

Securing the Wig

Depending on how the wig is made, it might need to be secured to the wearer’s head to prevent it from falling off or sliding on the head. This is done using kirby pins or wig clips along the back and sides to secure the wig to the wearer’s hair. If the wearer does not have hair, then the wig can be pinned to the wig cap.

Styling the Wig

A woman shouldn’t worry about the appearance of the wig while it is being positioned on her head. It is impossible to style the wig prior to putting it on without running the risk of ruining the style. Instead, women need to focus on making sure the wig is straight and secure before worrying about the style.

Women should avoid using hair brushes and styling substances designed for use with human hair. These damage the wig by weakening the hair and creating excesses tension which causes the hair to break. Instead wig brushes and wig combs are available for straightening the hair without causing damage. Wig mousse, gel, and other hair products are specially designed to be used with synthetic and human hair wigs. Often the best product to use when styling a wig is simply plain water. In any case, the wig can be washed and dried to return it to its original style.

Finding the Proper Wig Size

One of the biggest factors that plays into wearing a wig properly is ensuring the the wig is the right size for the wearer’s head. Quality wigs are not one size fits all, and are crafted to match the exact measurements of the head. Most women have a medium sized head, so finding a wig that fits properly is not usually an issue. However, to have a custom wig made women need to know their exact measurements. The table below shows which measurements are needed, what parts of the head to measure, and the average measurement for women in the UK.


Are of the Head to Measure



Tape measure is positioned above the ears and goes around the head from forehead to nape

56 cm

Front to Nape

Tape measures is positioned in the centre of the front hairline all the way to the centre of the hairline at the nape

34 cm

Ear to Ear (Front)

Tape measure is positioned at the base of the sideburn across the front of the forehead to the other sideburn

29 cm

Ear to Ear (Top)

Measurement from the top of one ear over the head to the top of the other ear

28 cm

Temple to Temple

Measurement from one temple around the back of the head to the other temple

35.5 cm


Measurement for the width of the hairline along the back of the neck

13 cm

While all women will have slightly different measurements, the average size can be used to help women to determine if they are making the proper measurement. If the measurement they record deviates a lot from the average, then she should remeasure the area to be sure that it is correct. When purchasing a wig that runs in sizes small, medium, or large, the only measurement that is needed is the circumference.

How to Buy a Wig on eBay

By shopping on eBay, a shopper will find a large selection of wigs in all colours and styles. With thousands of wigs to choose from, you can easily find the right one to give yourself a new look. eBay has the largest selection of real and synthetic wigs from private sellers that you’ll find anywhere. Because the wigs are sold by individuals rather than retailers, you’ll find more competitive pricing and you’re sure to find one that fits your budget. The key to finding the best deal is knowing how to effectively search for wigs on eBay.

Searching for a Wig on eBay

To browse all of the wigs that are currently available on eBay, start on the eBay home page. If you have a specific wig in mind, use the search bar to perform a keyword search. Type words to describe the item  you’re looking for like "auburn human hair wig" to find all matching listings. This shows you all wigs that are currently for sale, and you can narrow down the results by selecting style, type, length, colour, and other options. Additionally, specifying a price range shows you only those wigs that fit within your budget. Use the Advanced Search feature to perform a very refined search.


When worn properly, a wig is very attractive and has a natural look. Wigs are worn to create a new hairstyle without having to cut, style, or dye the original hair. Many women opt to wear a wig when they can’t achieve the style they want with their existing hair or when they don’t want to make a permanent change to their hair. To achieve a natural look with a wig it has to be worn properly. This means that it needs to have a tight and seamless fit on the scalp and can’t just be placed on top of the head. In order to do this, the hair must first be secured tightly to the scalp and held in place with a wig cap and headbands. This allows the wig to sit evenly on the head with no bumps or stray hairs to ruin the look. In order to have the most natural appearance possible, women should be sure that the wigs they have are the proper sizes. This can be done by measuring the head and purchasing a wig based on these measurements. Wigs are made from synthetic materials or from real human hair and are available in a wide range of lengths, colours, and styles. When shopping for a new wig, women can find a wide variety on eBay.

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