How to Properly Refill Printer Ink

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How to Properly Refill Printer Ink

Printer ink cartridges are not cheap. Therefore, many consumers opt to refill their ink cartridges manually instead of buying new ones each time their printer ink supply gets low or runs out. While the refilling process can vary slightly with the brand of printer and cartridge, there are a few basic steps you should know in order to properly refill your printer ink.


Collect Materials

There are a few essential supplies you need to refill your printer ink at home. First, you need a bottle, or bottles of printer ink refills. There are four colours available including black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Preferably, you should purchase a brand of printer ink that corresponds with your printer brand, for example, if you own a Canon printer, it is best to purchase Canon printer ink. You also need one disposable syringe with a needle for each colour you plan to refill. You also require a few paper towels and a pair of latex gloves, if you want to protect your hands from excess ink.


Prepare a Work Area

Refilling ink cartridges can get messy. Therefore, you should prepare a work area where you can clean any spilled ink easily. You may want to work over a sink or simply line your work area with newspaper. Make sure all of your supplies are within easy reach before you begin.


Refill the Printer Ink Cartridge

First, be sure not to wait until your ink cartridge is completely empty and dry. Take your syringe and fill it with the ink, being careful not to allow any air bubbles to enter the syringe. If you inject air bubbles into the ink cartridge, the air blocks the ink, preventing the cartridge from printing properly. Place the cartridge on a folded paper towel to catch any ink that might overflow or leak out. Lift the sticker label located on top of the cartridge. Underneath the sticker find the holes where you should insert the syringe to refill the cartridge. If you are refilling a colour cartridge, be certain you refill the colours in the proper reservoirs. If you are unsure which hole corresponds to which colour, insert a wooden toothpick into a hole to find out. Insert the needle of the syringe into a hole and slowly add the ink. It is better to underfill than overfill the cartridge, so if you fill to the point of overflow, simply suck some of the ink back into the syringe. After filling, replace the label sticker over the refill holes.


Clean Up

After refilling your cartridge, blot the cartridge printhead on the paper towel several times until it stops bleeding. When you notice even stripes of black or colour, your cartridge is ready to replace. Do not insert the cartridge if it is leaking. Finally, print a test page to make sure your cartridge is working properly and to get the ink flowing.

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