How to Properly Store a Charles Shilling

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How to Properly Store a Charles Shilling

A popular pastime that spans generations, coin collecting gives collectors the opportunity to own a piece of history and build a tangible investment. A Charles shilling is a unique and historically meaningful coin that fits in a variety of collections. Whether you have an early 1600s Charles I shilling or a later Charles II shilling, proper storage is essential to protecting the coin so it can complement the full collection for longer.


Temperature Control

Temperature control is essential for the protection of coins, particularly older coins. Keep a Charles I coin in a cool place with low humidity. This is key, as humidity causes serious moisture issues, resulting in chemical on the metal surface of the coins. Protect coins from severe temperature fluctuations and extremes, which weaken the overall integrity of the coin, making it more susceptible to the damages of other factors. Store your shilling in a room with consistent climate and humidity control for ideal protection.


Minimise Handling

Handling coins is one of the most damaging things a collector can do. Skin contains a variety of oils and acids that are very hard on the surfaces of antique coins, causing them to discolour and deteriorate. Minimising direct handling is critical to display, storing, and enjoying collections safely and responsibly. Ideally, protect coins with individual or collection containers that eliminate contact with the skin. When dealing with unprotected coins, wear gloves or touch them using a handkerchief or other cloth. For maximum protection, hold the coin only by the edges and avoid any contact with the face, which is the most vulnerable to damage.


Protect the Coin

Providing individual protection for each Charles shilling offers maximum protection and allows you to handle the coins more often and more freely, which is ideal for collectors interested in sharing their coins in exhibits. Coin capsules are convenient, simple, yet highly effective coin storage options because they surround each individual coin with durable plastic to prevent contact with damaging materials, as well as providing protection from impact damage. Many coins are sold in these capsules, and collectors should not remove them if at all possible.


Protect the Collection

Storing multiple Charles shillings together makes both protection and display easier. Coin display cases or boxes, depending on the extent of the Charles shilling collection, suit storage of individually encapsulated coins. Moreover, coin albums are simple protection and display resources for unprotected coins, and they make transport easier. The age and historic value of Charles shillings make them highly desirable, and large collections can build a considerable monetary value if well maintained. A fire safe is the ideal option for protecting collections from fire, water, humidity, and theft.

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