How to 'Protect Your Customer & Yourself With Delivery

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I thought I would pass on some VERY USEFULL INFORMATION regarding the safe and proper way to send and receive goods via courier companies.

1) Whenever booking a courier it is always wise to pay for full content insurance, particularly upon expensive items, this extra few pounds will be worth it if you ever have any unfortunate damges upon delivery.

2) Alway keep receipts and print/save anysuch communication between yourself and the courier company. Also if your making any changes or asking about something via a Live Chat Link which some companies offer, make sure you tell them before the converstaion begins, that you are copying the conversation and saving it incase you need this on a future occasion.

3) When packaging any item, make sure you package it well, make sure their is a good amount of packaging between the box and the item within, also fill any large voids within the box with crumpled newspaper. Oce you have nearly completed the packaging and just before you enclose the package, take some photos of the packing as proof of how she was inside and before she left you.  Finaly! As you seal the box, make sure she is sealed well and YOU MUST add some White & Red Fragile marked box tape on each of the sides of the parcel in question. This tape is very very cheap and you can get 8x rolls of this for only a few pounds. You dont have to seal the entire box with this, use brown box tape for that, just add a little of this tape once the box is fully sealed and completed. Its their not to seal the parcel, simply to 'Heed Warning' to those transporting the package.

4)  On occasions when items have been collected from my workshop I have been horrified at the way items have been placed within the backs of vans, if you ever see anything that worries you, and I recoment that you always go out to the courier van as its loaded, then get a picture, the more evidence you have of these things that may set off alarm bells, the better off you will be if you need to make any such claim.

5) I would always recomend that you message the customer and inform then of what to do if they receive an item and before they open it, it obviously shows signs of damage. Advise them to take pictures, a picture of the box before its opened, or have someone with a camera taking pictures as you slowly open up the package yourself. Once its opened and obviously in a damaged state. Do Not Take It Out Of The Box. Simply get your pictures, then call the seller and then the courier company and make sure the courier gets it collected and returned to the seller at Their Cost and Not Yours.

 One horrific case where the driver asked me to come out to his van as the item hab been so poorly packaged that we were picking up pieces of it from all over the floor of his van. TAKE PICTURES! I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! It will become "Your word against theirs without these pictures".

6) If you ever have to make a claim, the courier will no doubt try it on with a cheeky innitial offer of compensation. Dont be too hasty with accepting or refusing the offer too soon. Get all the advice of others in a similar situation, their are many many forums online where you will find others whom have been through similar. Liase via email with the courier, not a phone call if you can help it, as a phone call you have nothing in writing to prove whats said.

The top and bottom of a given damge situation is that the seller should not loose out in anyway because of a courier companies contempt, so you should be fully reinbursed for the value of the item in Full in the event that you cannot repair an item and have lost the sale. In the event that you can repair an item, or replace the item, you should be given the full value of parts and labour for a full repair.

In the end it is a simple way of looking at this. The seller should in no way be loosing out because of a courier companies total contempt. The buyer should not have to loose out by not receiving the item that they paid hard earned moeny for and the buyer should be compensated for their trouble and time taken having to dela with a situation like this.

       Remeber!  You have done no wrong and it isnt your fault if you do everything properly.  It is their fault and not yours, so do it right and you will be fine and nobody should have to loose out in anyway.


                             If you require any help or assistance I would be more than happy to help and advise..    Simply call JonPaul  on  0191 5815340  or  07578083898  /   07958512419

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