How to Protect Your Home From Bugs

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How to Protect Your Home From Bugs

While most people do not have to worry about home surveillance and electronic bugs, some do. You want to keep what happens in the home private, whether it is your friends, family, would-be burglars, or even employers doing the prying. Doing a few quick checks and taking steps to prevent intruders from installing spy bugs in your home can make all of the difference for preserving privacy and secrets.


Purchase a Bug Detector

An easy way to keep a home safe from bugs is to purchase and use a bug detector. Bug detectors work by detecting the radio waves that nearly all surveillance cameras and microphones emit. Most bug detectors come with instructions, but you can simply perform a sweep of your home, paying special attention to corners, cabinets, and other areas that make hiding bugs easy. GSM bugs operate over GSM networks, and most detectors can identify them.


Learn to Recognise Electronic Bugs

Most bugs are small, and many of them simply stick onto clothing, cabinets, or other items. Learning to recognise the different types can help you to be more aware of what you are seeing when you come across one. Bugs vary in shape and size, but generally resemble small speakers or cameras, which is what they are.


Locate and Fix Security Issues

Many homes have security weaknesses that make it easier for buggers to get in and bug the home. Whether this is through the people in the house, the telephone lines into the house, or lots of clutter that would make hiding bugs easier, it is possible to assess and remove as many issues as possible. Soundproofing a secure room is also a good way of improving the security of the home, but is an extreme decision unless you often discuss sensitive business material inside.


Check Phones for Bugs

Priers frequently tap and bug phones, including mobiles, and these devices are one of the main targets in most homes. Family, friends, and employers most often use phone bugs or taps to see what other people are up to, so if you suspect that you are bugged, check your phone first. People bug most mobile phones using an app, but some by placing traditional microphones inside the casing. You can purchase a repair kit, or a set of screwdrivers to take apart your phone to remove bugs. Unfortunately, there are few preventive measures for keeping people from bugging phones, except to not let the devices out of your sight.

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